Name: Jennifer England

School: Linden Park Elementary

Date: May 1, 2018

Nominated by: Paiden Arave

I can easily say that Mrs. England is the best teacher here at Linden Park Elementary School. She is very kind
and affectionate towards her students and classes, but is also strict but not to the point of where library is absolutely
miserable. Mrs. England will take time to help her students without complaint whatsoever. If a student walks in while
she is teaching a other class, and asks for help, she will stop what she’s doing and help you get what you need. She is
beyond helpful. She will go buy stuff for us to do so we are entertained while others look for books. I remember when
I was looking for a book related to Ready Player One and she did tons of research and handed me a printout that was
ten pages full of books related to the book. She also told me places around town that I could find them. She was very
helpful. Here at Linden Park she is one of the most cheerful and kind teachers that I’ve met. When I arrived at Linden
Park she was very helpful on finding me books that I would be interested in. She will help her students find whatever
they need. She also tells very interesting and exciting books in library, and will also occasionally show educational
films, but will ask if we would be interested first. I will be devastated when I leave for middle school next year.

Name: Jerry Petty

School: Shelley High School

Date: April 24, 2018

Nominated by: Dayna Turpin

Mr. Petty taught me biology this semester and I had such a great time. He is so funny and is the smartest guy  in the world! He sure knows how to make anyone smile! He has been teaching at the Shelley High School for a really long time and never forgets his students! He’s a great guy. I want to nominate Mr. Petty because he sure knows how to make this season brighter and is a great teacher!

Name: Angela Haynes

School: Iona Elementary

Date: April 17, 2018

Nominated by: Amber Tracy

Angela is part of my 5th grade team at Iona. She was my mentor during my first year of teaching. I couldn’t have asked for a better example. She is patient, kind, encouraging, hilarious, and knowledgeable. All the things that make someone a great teacher!! Angela makes learning fun, and encourages me to do the same. Teaching is not always fun and games, but with her, it truly is fun!

Name: Brock Sondrup

School: Rigby High School

Date: April 10, 2018

Nominated by: Bethany Sky Jones & April Bishop

He is the debate coach at our school and is the best teacher I have ever had! The Rigby debate team went from never winning a single  tournament to winning ever tournament all year! He donates his weekends every week and his class is one I look forward to everyday!

Mr. Sondrup is the speech and debate teacher and coach at Rigby High School. He is changing kid’s lives. First, his class is interesting add teaches valuable, life skills. But more, he’s encouraging more kids to participate in the debate team than ever have. They’re winning, which is awesome, but to go with that, they’re learning confidence, public speaking, researching, teamwork and setting goals. Mr. Sondrup is always there for his kids. He stays after school every single Wednesday, for hours, to help his debaters prepare for the next tournament. Which is every weekend. And guess who is there, every weekend, supporting and guiding his team? Mr. Sondrup (His wife deserves this award too! ). He is supportive and understanding to the kids he works with. He builds them up and teaches them that they’re good enough. That they’re part of something bigger. That they can change the world. I cannot imagine a teacher more deserving of this award. He is a class act and a great teacher and adviser. My daughter is better for having him as her teacher.

Name: Shea Gohr

School: American Heritage Charter School

Date: April 3, 2018

Nominated by: Samantha Owens

She is very smart and fun. She can make the most boring of things very exciting! She does fun activities often that teach us good skills and knowledge. She does unique things that no other teacher I have ever had has ever done.

Name: Fawn Johnson

School: Jefferson Elementary School

Date: March 27, 2018

Nominated by: Cathy Leavitt

Miss Johnson is the best thing that has happened to my 2nd Grader! She is dedicated and refuses to give up on her students. She works tirelessly to make sure that the educational and emotional needs of each of her students are met. She works hard to make sure each second grader knows how much she cares! I know she spends quite a bit of her own money to provide a quality, positive experience for every student. Most of all she is kind! How do I know this? Not only is my son in her class, but I also teach at the same school. I see her working day in and day out, all for her students! She is well deserving of some recognition because of how much she gives to others.

Name: Laura Allen

School: North Fremont High School

Date: March 20, 2018

Nominated by: Erin Hill

Mrs. Allen teaches Science at North Fremont. My third child is now taking from her. She goes above and beyond as a teacher. What all my kids have taken note of is that Mrs. Allen genuinely LOVES to teach and loves it even more when her students UNDERSTAND what she’s teaching. She is a student’s biggest cheerleader. She is no push over. She demands a lot and her expectations are HIGH. There is no doubt though that my kids have all walked away learning so much! She is fair, she is enthusiastic, and she is prepared – ALWAYS. She also helps supervise the National Honor Society chapter in our school. She wants all kids to get to college and does everything to provide the resources for them to do so. She is great, and we think she more than deserves this award!!

Name: Katherine Brunger

School: Tyhee Montessori School

Date: March 13, 2018

Nominated by: Makenna & Ashley Comish

I am nominating my former teacher, Mrs. Katie, because of all the respect I have for her. She treats each individual student like her own and works so hard to make sure that they all understand the subjects they are learning. Mrs. Katie devotes time and money into her classroom each year, so that her students can get the learning they deserve. I am so grateful to have been taught by her, she did an amazing job preparing me for middle school. Sixth grade was not easy, but it could have been so much harder if I had been taught by any other fifth grade teacher. This year, Mrs. Katie is teaching thirty kids in her one small classroom. However she still devotes her individual time to give every boy and girl the proper, hands on, education they need to succeed. When I was in Mrs. Katie’s class, it was most definitely the best year of my life. I didn’t need to know what stress felt like, because she always made sure I understood what was being taught and there was no need for mass confusion. The most important thing she has taught me, is to not be negative. Though it was almost impossible to be negative in her positive influence , and creatively decorated classroom, but if something was to hard, she would find another way of doing it. There was no need to get discouraged, frustrated, or negative, because there is always another way of doing things. A positive alternative way to solve a problem. Now, whenever I start to put a heading on my Math Test, I also draw a smile face off to the side or a positive sentence to give me a boost, in case I get stuck on a problem, or think that something is to hard. Nothing is to hard. Especially not when you where taught by a brilliant elementary teacher like Mrs. Katie. That is why I nominate Mrs. Katherine Brunger as Classy 97’s Teacher Feature.

I want to nominate Mrs. Katie because she is my favorite teacher ever! She makes me feel really important and really smart and we always do fun things in her class. She real deserves a reward. She so kind and loving, too. If anyone should get this award, it should be Mrs. Katie, because she is a really cool teacher.

Name: Kate Danielson

School: Ethel Boyes Elementary School

Date: March 6, 2018

Nominated by: Mellissa Butler

My daughter is in 5th grade and has Mrs. Danielson this year. Mrs Danielson is the perfect combination of strict and fun. They learn so much and get the work done but can also have fun. She cares so much for her students. When she can’t sleep at night she colors these beautiful quotes for ALL the kids in the class. She’s just genuinely the best teacher. My daughter praises Mrs Danielson to me everyday. She says she loves the way she teaches and that she is the BEST TEACHER EVER and I couldn’t agree more. I’m so happy that Mrs Danielson will be the teacher my daughter remembers always when she recalls the people that made a difference in her life.

Name: Diane Zinzer

School: Hillview Elementary School

Date: February 27, 2018

Nominated by: Nohely Sierra

Miss Zinzer has helped my child in any way she can to help my daughter learn not only school material but help her speak better English, and she has been extremely patient with her. She has also reminded me that my daughter is still a child and they each learn in different ways. My daughter comes home everyday letting me know how much she loves her teacher because she is so nice to her and helps her. I am extremely grateful for teachers like this. I feel like teachers don’t get enough recognition and they should since they have our children for 6+ hours a day.

Name: Glenn Stanton

School: Ririe Jr. High School

Date: February 20, 2018

Nominated by: Ririe Junior High Student Council

We wanted to nominate him because he is a great teacher. He teaches art, US History, and Driver’s Education. He is really fun and makes learning awesome. It is also his last year teaching before he retires. We just wanted to give him something to remember us by.


 Name: Honore Storms

School: Idaho Falls High School

Date: February 13, 2018

Nominated by: Marlee Doman

Mrs. Storms was one of my favorite U.S History teacher and I learned so much from her. This summer I was able to visit Washington D.C and visit some incredible museums. I was able to reflect on the things I learned in Mrs. Storms class my junior year of high school and was very appreciative of what she did for me.

Name: Rachelle Bosh

School: South Fork Elementary

Date: February 6, 2018

Nominated by: Tracie Bates & Fall Orgill

My little sister has struggled in school and learning her entire life. Mrs. Bosh is an amazing teacher that has finally found an excellent way to teach my sister. I have seen my sister grow exponentially in just the few months that Mrs. Bosh has been her teacher. She is understanding the material and I love seeing the light come on and reflecting in her eyes. I credit this to the creative and devoted teacher that I have seen in Mrs. Bosh. She takes time to sit down with each student and try to work with them to find a solution or way to work a problem out that they might have in learning the material. Overall Mrs. Bosh is the most deserving teacher for this recognition.

I want to nominate my teacher because she has helped me and my classmates learn and understand the subjects we may be learning at the time. I struggle in math a lot and she has helped me understand it better. She makes learning fun and I always enjoy going to school each day!

Name: Janice Ferguson

School: Longfellow Elementary

Date: January 30, 2018

Nominated by: Jenna Thomas

The reason I picked Ms.Ferguson is because she taught me how to write, type, and many other things too. She was a great example to me and she taught me to take care of animals, like cutting the plastic wrap on Gatorade bottles so animals wouldn’t get caught in it. I’ve learned so much from this amazing teacher, Ms.Ferguson. She told me about the different ways that different people celebrate Christmas. I will never forget all that I learned from Ms.Ferguson. I want to wish KLCE happy holidays. Thank you for doing Teacher Feature.

Name: Kelsey Putnam

School: Lincoln Elementary School

Date: January 23, 2018

Nominated by: Charlene Thomas

Mrs. Putnam works hard to create a fun and educational leaning environment for her students. She is very patient and kind. She comes up with creative ideas to keep her class room in order and has fun incentives for the children as the complete tasks. These incentives motivate the students to succeed and excel. She is a great kindergarten teacher.

Name: Debbie Lott

School: Hobbs Middle School

Date: January 16, 2018

Nominated by: Dayna Turpin

I’m nominating Mrs. Lott because she is so fun! She cares so much about her students and makes teaching really fun! She also has been battling cancer and still has a positive attitude and has a lot of courage! I want to nominate Mrs. Lott because she is always so happy and is an amazing teacher!

Name: Julie Duffield

School: Skyline High School

Date: January 9, 2018

Nominated by: Caleb Goodson

Julie Duffield teaches special education at Skyline High School. She is wonderful at her job. And needs nominated because she has the most love and respect for her students, she really understands her students and does everything she can to make sure they are successful. She also makes everything and everyone that walks into her classroom feel special and loved. She looks over their disability and treats them just like any other student. She is also not afraid to joke around with her students. Aside from teaching special education at Skyline Julie Duffield has special needs children of her own. Her world is kids and special education. If you ask anyone that has had Mrs. Duffield what they like about her, it is that she is fun, caring, and pushes every student to be their best despite their disability. If she is the winning teacher it needs to be said on the radio and/or her plaque that’s what she said this is a classroom tradition for the last few years.

Name: Brittany Horrell

School: Discovery Elementary

Date: January 2, 2018

Nominated by: Sarah Young

My daughter came home one day and said “mom, my teacher doesn’t teach us math. We just play games instead.” I thought that was one smart teacher. These kids are learning math and they didn’t even realize they were learning it. Not only is she creative with how she teaches, but she goes out of her way to make my very shy daughter feel like a valued student. My daughter is always winning awards in class. Just this month she gave her some of her very favorite books to keep. My daughter just adores her teacher! We are so grateful to have her!


Name: Shanna Wessel

School: Temple View Elementary

Date: December 19, 2017

Nominated by: Christina Gunder

Mrs Wessel is one of the most caring teachers I know. She knows which students are struggling not only in her class but in bad situations at home. For Christmas she makes every student their own pillow case and buys them each a pillow because she feels that each child needs something of their own. She is always going over and above doing hands on science projects and she truly is there to not only teaches her  students but to love them and make them feel like they have a safe place. This year her 2nd grade class wants to send pillows to a school in Texas that was affected by the hurricane and she agreed so she is making pillow cases for a 2nd grade class in Texas letting the students decorate them and buying pillows and stuffed animals to send to Texas all because the kids know that she makes pillows each year for hero own students. Mrs Wessel teaches because it’s her passion, not just her job.

Name: Kara Kearsley

School: Bonneville High School

Date: December 12, 2017

Nominated by: Brian Kearsley

Kara Kearsley is a first year Spanish teacher at Bonneville High School. She has always enjoyed teaching and working with youth. After having three children and over-coming some health challenges that left her numb from the waist down, she decided is was time to combine her passion for youth and teaching and go back to school to get her teaching certificate.

Kara worked hard over the last two years to become a certified teacher, putting in long hours studying and student teaching. This summer she was hired at Bonneville and is now fulfilling her dream of becoming a high school Spanish teacher. She loves the students, and puts in a lot of extra hours planning and preparing for instruction each day. The students know that she cares about them individually and that this is more than a job for Kara, it is a chance to influence and shape the lives of youth.

Kara is a great example of a quality educator who cares for the students and wants to help them succeed not only in the classroom, but also in life. She has worked hard to overcome adversity in her life and wants to help others overcome their challenges so they can look forward with hope to a brighter tomorrow. Kara is an outstanding teacher who has and will continue to influence for good the lives of many youth who come in contact with her.

Name: Diana Sargent

School: Aberdeen High School

Date: December 5, 2017

Nominated by: Christian Castro

She has always made sure each and every student finished their work and turned everything in on time. It didn’t matter if she had to keep them for tutoring or lunch detention to make sure every student was on track and knew what was being taught. She has always had an amazing heart and has never disrespected any student or staff member. Even though I’m already graduated, but I know for a fact that she has done the best work at AHS. She deserves to be recognized.

Name: Sean Schmidt

School: Skyline High School

Date: November 28, 2017

Nominated by: Marshall Rhodes

I am nominating Coach Schmidt because he helped me so much during the Cross Country Season. Apart from teaching Science at Skyline, Coach Schmidt coaches the Skyline Cross Country team. Even though we goof around a lot and act like teenagers, he shows us how much he cares for us and still shows up every day. After one race, I felt really discouraged because I had not reached my goal. The next day, still feeling depressed, Coach Schmidt comes up to me and tells me that I did an awesome job and did as well as one of the greatest runners in Skyline history did as a Freshman. He then told me that he knew I had that potential as well and it really made me feel better. I had previously struggled with self esteem, but he changed my whole perspective. I have noticed that I have more confidence in school and in sports. He is a great influence in my life and a great coach!

Name: Rylan Ricks

School: Madison High School

Date: November 21, 2017

Nominated by: Ilene Ricks

Mr. Ricks is an amazing math teacher. I may be biased because I’m married to him, but I witness his dedication to his students every day. Rylan has been teaching for 17+ years, but he has never grown complacent and seeks to continually look for ways to improve his classes and better serve his students. He goes out of his way to help anyone he can. A first hand example of this occurred recently when he spent a couple of hours one evening reviewing algebra 2 concepts with a couple of our neighbors (who attend a different school). Rylan is always reading  something and looking for ways to bring new ideas into his teaching. Not only does he seek to improve his own teaching, but he is proactive in sharing ideas with his colleagues. He has presented ideas about growth mindset in a district in-service and shared ideas about standards based grading practices with his math department and high school faculty. Rylan loves teaching and is passionate about education. I might be a teensy bit biased, but Rylan is awesome!

Name: Alicia Bynum

School: Blackfoot High School

Date: November 14, 2017

Nominated by: Jaden Devey

She is such a great person in all of mine and my peers life’s. I can have the worst day and she just always understands and always gives the best advice. She’s helped me learn so much.

Name: Eric Skidmore

School: Rigby High School

Date: November 7, 2017

Nominated by: Jaden Andrews

Mr. Skidmore is an amazing band director. He always makes sure we reach our potential while providing opportunities for growth. He has fun with all of the students, and encourages us to be better musicians and people! He goes above and beyond when choosing music and organizing our performances. Mr. Skidmore isn’t afraid to put himself out there and to do crazy things in order to make us laugh and love band!

Name: Z0e Jorgensen

School: A.H. Bush Elementary

Date: October 31, 2017

Nominated by: Tami Wade

Zoe is a native Idahoan and proud of it! She put together an evalution toolkit for new teachers, and teaches Master Educator Classes often. She is National Board Certified and she also works at Fred Meyer on the weekends. Zoe noticed the need to help children that didn’t have enough food at home. She coordinated a program with Fred Meyer to donate food to low income children twice a week. Zoe truly has a heart of gold and Bush Elementary and her students see her service every day.


Name: Janice Anthony

School: Firth High School

Date: October 24, 2017

Nominated by: Melody Jones

I’ve been meaning to do this for a couple years and you know how good intentions go- they get put on the back burner. I for one am shocked that this teacher hasn’t already received this award in her career. In my humble opinion she should win teacher of the year every year. That being said the teacher I’m nominating is Janice Anthony the Family and Consumer Science teacher, and my mom. Now don’t stop reading because my mom is one of the all-time best teachers around and I will prove it. In fact, if you read the Blackfoot morning news you’ve probably been following her work through the years, but I’ll get to that.

If you were to ask any Family and Consumer Science teacher in the state who was one of the best I’m confident my mom’s name would be mentioned. She has inspired many students to go and get the same teaching degree, including three of her own daughters. I’m one of those daughters and when I applied for my first teaching job at Ririe High School they already knew about my mom and pretty sure that’s why I got the job.

My mom has been teaching for 30 years and I think will be retiring soon… When she started teaching she jumped right in. I remember her going to her first FCCLA, back then FHA conference, and coming home saying that it was like a whole world she didn’t know anything about. They seemed to have their own language. Instead of being intimated and discouraging kids to be a part of it, she jumped in and learned everything. She runs without a doubt the most successful program in the state, and a lot of that has to do with her involvement in FCCLA, the student organization.

Name: Taylor Terlson

School: Pocatello Community Charter School

Date: October 17, 2017

Nominated by: Shelby Kettler

She is always on top of things and she is kind to her students. She ownes up to her mistakes if she makes one and she is very resourceful.

Name: Lisa Armstrong

School: Taylorview Jr. High

Date: October 10, 2017

Nominated by: Brandon Armstrong

Lisa is my wife and I think that she is the most amazing person I have ever met. I have seen you stay up late at night well past 11:00pm to finish grading and prepare lessons for the upcoming days. She is so creative with her lessons and her ability to have new ideas to reach children. This Friday night she has asked me to help her set up a projector and sound equipment so she can further teach an idea in a fun way. She works on the weekends and as all teachers do spends her own money on materials for the class room. She is still a mom to two little very active boys. She still makes dinner and helps take care of our boys myself and the house. She is also going to school to get her masters degree. She is the kind of person that I want to be.

Name: Verna Mills

School: Dora Erickson Elementary

Date: October 3, 2017

Nominated by: Edgar Taylor

She always gets down to the child’s level. If they aren’t comprehending a concept, it doesn’t matter how many times she has to go over it, she does it until the child understands. She works as a Title One teacher, so she definately works with some kids that are struggling. If anyone deserves this, it’s her. She works 2 jobs to support her kids and disabled veteran husband. She works from 10am-2:30pm at the school then 10pm-6:30am at her job in Blackfoot. And in between caring for her mentally disabled husband and 2 kids as previously stated. She is the kindest soul you will ever meet with patience for miles to spare. She motivates the children really well, and encourages them to do anything they want to do because they can do anything. And they believe her because she too believes it. She has worked with kids her entire life. I know why now, she’s good with them. She cares for them like her own children. So please, take her especially into consideration while choosing nominees. Because I may not be very good at writing, but I can promise you, she is the best teacher you’ll see in a long time. She has changed the hearts and minds of so many students and other teachers, it is incredible.

Name: Sydney Zohner

School: Hillcrest High School

Date: September 26, 2017

Nominated by: TeAnna Drummer

Sydney was by far the most caring teacher I had in high school. I have the greatest memories from her class and it was always a place I could go to feel safe, even after graduation. She still calls me and texts me often to see how I’m doing and catch up. She treats each student with a level of care I have only seen from her. She teaches two CNA classes, two medical professions classes, an online pharmacy tech class, manages an advisory class of freshman, and volunteers her time and wisdom at events such as blood drives and CPR classes. Along with that she gets up at 4 AM twice a week to join her CNA students at clinicals, and travels with them twice a year in state wide and national competitions. As you could guess she has a tremendous amount of stress on her plate, but to add to that, she was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. She has been going through rounds of chemo radiation for months now. I have never once heard her complain or ask “why me”. She continuously works and does everything she can for others. She is truly the embodiment of what a nurse and teacher should be. I would love to see her be spoiled and have things be about her for once, because she truly deserves it.

Name: Jeff Kenly

School: Rocky Mountain Middle School

Date: September 11, 2017

Nominated by: Makenna Johnson

Because he is a awesome teacher!! I have had him for two years now and he is amazing, funny and a awesome teacher and he deserves this very much! He makes learning fun and does fun activities and is just the best teacher anyone could ever have!