Name: Lori Lombard

School: Century High School

Date: May 7, 2019

Nominated by: Austin Jenson

Very kind and patient

Name: Tom Shultz

School: Inkom Elementary School

Date: April 30, 2019

Nominated by: Raena Evans

Mr. Schultz is an outstanding educator. He is intuitive in his methods, and uses creative means to introduce and develop curriculum. He inspires kids to stretch beyond their perceived limits, instilling confidence and fostering curiosity in them. He has brought a dynamic, caring, challenging structure to his class, as well as our elementary school as a whole in his role as Vice Principal. He has instituted Clean-up and Beautification days at the school to brighten and sharpen the grounds with kids, parents, and teachers, giving the children pride and a vested interest in their school. We have had the great fortune to have him teach our son in his 5th and 6th grade years. We have watched our son flourish under his instruction and mentoring, and have seen him not only shape young minds, but also mold the character of his students. He deserves to bear the venerable title of “teacher” in it’s truest sense.

Name: Susan Underwood

School: Wapello Elementary School

Date: April 23, 2019

Nominated by: Letitia Shumaker

She always goes above and beyond to teach her students in a fun, loving and creative way. Each child is loved and feels important and develops a love of learning. She is an amazing teacher and there needs to be more teachers like her….

Name: Cynthia Lund

School: Chubbuck Elementary School

Date: April 16, 2019

Nominated by: Lynell Harmon

Mrs Lund is an awesome teacher. She is a hard worker. She also helped her students put on a fabulous program about Idaho History. She cares a ton about each child’s progression in her class. She even monitors what her students are eating. She won’t allow them to eat junk. Only healthy. Her entire class is on track to meet their AR goals. My child loves to read now and continuously meets her AR goal because she has something to look forward to and because her teacher pushes her to do better every day.


Name: Chandra Lange

School: Linden Park Elementary School

Date: April 9, 2019

Nominated by: Miranda Guardarrama

Ms. Lange was so kind because she would make work easy and she would help people with work and Ms. Lange would care so much about others. Ms. Lange was caring for others she would try her best to help others and wouldn’t let the give up she understanded people and showed. Ms.Lange of free time would let us do anything she would be so excited about learning and would always be so funny. Ms. Lange would make learning exciting.

Name: Monica Lewis

School: Templeview Elementary School

Date: April 2, 2019

Nominated by: Lauren Astle

Monica Lewis is the best teacher my children have ever had. She has gone above and beyond to make sure each individual student reaches their potential. They are  challenged as individuals. She recognizes the strengths of each child and makes them feel important and special. She is strong and is always prepared and organized. She brings culture and life into Templeview and is exemplary in every way. We love you Miss Lewis!

Name: Alana Butikofer

School: Rocky Mountain Middle School

Date: March 27, 2019

Nominated by: Jessica Braithwaite

Ms. Butikofer has been teaching for years and years and knows how to do a job well done. My daughter has had her for going on 5 trimesters for choir and 1 trimester for theater arts. She provides so many amazing opportunities for the kids to sing to people in retirement centers, be critiqued by professionals, be introduced to and sing with the High School Bonnevaires, and sing for parents in evening concerts. I am so impressed by the time she puts into her Theater Arts, she is at the school until after 5:30 every night of the week helping these kids learn and put on a phenomenal show. She has over 100 students I am sure and still takes time to make my one girl feel loved and important. While attending parent-teacher conference she was THE ONE teacher we had to stop and chat with, just to chat and laugh. Thank you Ms. B!!

Name: Lisa Tabereaux

School: Dora Erickson Elementary School

Date: March 19, 2019

Nominated by: Jayna Higginson

Mrs. Tabereaux is amazing!! She is patient, kind and truly cares about her students. Mrs. Tabereaux takes the time to work with each student to make sure that they understand the various concepts that she teaches throughout the day. She keeps in contact with the parents of her students to ensure that they are aware of how their student is doing in class, provides things that parents can do at home to increase the student’s ability to succeed in increasing their knowledge and skills and is open to suggestions from parents on ways to enhance their child’s learning experience. She is an unsung hero and we appreciate all of her hard work, sacrifice and dedication.

Name: Dara Kae Stuart

School: Donald D. Stalker Elementary School

Date: March 12, 2019

Nominated by: Carol Mecham

Dara is a 1st grade teacher at Donald D Stalker Elementary in Blackfoot.
Her biggest reward of her job is knowing she helped with skills those little ones can use all their lives.She loves 1st grade because that’s the grade kids learn to read and gain confidence , which Mrs Stuart does so very well. Her smile can be such a reward to little ones.
Dara sees the need for school supplies in the classroom that she can’t provide, and seeks outside help to provide for their needs.
Building relationships with students and families is what she loves. Being a teacher has always been her dream, she used to play “ teacher” with her sisters. She has taught “ real” school for 8 years kindergarten and 1st grades Please consider this wonderful teacher for your Teacher Feature.

Name: Candice Scott

School: Little Sprouts Pre-School

Date: February 26, 2019

Nominated by: Chantelle Garn

Candice Scott is my sons preschool teacher. She is always there to greet her students with a smile. They arrive and leave happy without fail. She makes learning fun in every aspect and is excellent at making sure all children know what they need to know to enter kindergarten. She’s a wonderful communicator and the kids adore her! As do the parents!

Name: Teresa Dye

School: Shelley High School

Date: February 19, 2019

Nominated by: Jessalyn Dye

Mrs. Dye works so hard to make sure all the students at Shelley High School feel loved! She is an amazing teacher and a friend to so many! She is very involved with the students and is in charge of two clubs at Shelley High School, the Natural Helpers and the National Honor Society! She also wants he students to go on so she has taken classes to be qualified to teach a college Psychology course to students at Shelley High School! You can tell she loves her job and she loves her students! She has made a big difference in many lives and deserves a big thank you!!

Name: Paula Tucker

School: Firth High School

Date: February 5, 2019

Nominated by: Donette Gibson

Mrs. Tucker is an amazing teacher. She genuinely loves and shows concern for each of her students. My son had her his freshman year for English and she was so supportive of him and his efforts. He struggles big time in school. She was always picking out things he could do WELL and praising him. When a kid struggles in school, they don’t often hear about things they are doing well. She taught me a lot as a parent on how to encourage him by her loving, patient example. She gives so much of her time to make our tiny school district a better place. You can always find her at the school after hours helping with various sporting events too.
She seems to have endless energy. We love Mrs. Tucker!

Name: Teresa Rodriguez

School: Roberts Elementary School

Date: January 29, 2019

Nominated by: Leslie Hendrian

Mrs Rodriguez is an amazing first grade teacher. Not only is she doing the standard teaching, but she’s teaching the Spanish immersion portion for the students learning as well! She has patience and a softness with all of her 27 students and is able to help them feel warm and safe in her classroom. Our daughter Olivia loves going to school every day and has an eagerness to learn what she’s being taught because of Mrs Rodriguez.
Olivia says “she makes us do fun math and she talks Spanish with us. She is pretty amazing and she says I’m pretty amazing too!” We sincerely hope you will consider her for the Teacher Feature Award
Thank you for your time,


Name: Michael Feik

School: Rigby High School

Date: January 22, 2019

Nominated by: Mickelle Brown

Not only does he teach photography and ceramics but he also is the advisor of yearbook. He’s not like most teachers who teach a lesson and have your write notes about it then take a test. He sits there and explains step by step and will help you till you understand it. He goes out of the way to help teach many different learning types as well!

Name: Tami Cummings

School: Grace Lutheran School

Date: January 8, 2019

Nominated by: Velana Roth

Mrs. Cummings is the perfect match for my daughter. My daughter is a very playful, happy, and energetic student, however, she gets very
anxious when she has a lot of pressure. Mrs. Cummings is so kind, gentle, and very patient. My daughter says she always talks with
kindness and never yells or gets angry. She has been able to help my daughter push past her insecurities and succeed in school work.
Not only does she give the encouragement to help her students grow but she also does it in in such a fun way. Most of all, Mrs. Cummings
takes a great interest and personal investment in helping her students grow in character not just academically. She helps each student to

Name: Jordan Cammack

School: Thunder Ridge High School

Date: December 18, 2018

Nominated by: Brooke Manwill

She’s super supportive fun and kind not to mention knowledgeable

Name: Kenneth Munger

School: Blackfoot High School

Date: December 11, 2019

Nominated by: Isaac

Mr. Munger is a fantastic Chemistry teacher that makes learning fun.

Name: Aimee Morgan

School: Falls Valley Elementary School

Date: December 4, 2018

Nominated by: Christa McGrane

This lady is extraordinary. She had been in S.L.C. for several weeks with her husband. He had a stroke and was in ICU. While away someone robbed their house and stole their car! A TV and jewelry were also taken. The house was trashed. She was struggling by this time with her own health, physical and mental. When Mrs. Morgan comes in to the school, you would have no idea anything was going on at home. Her smile will light up a room. She knows each of the kids’ names, makes them feel special, and genuinely cares about everyone. She is so kind and has a contagious personality. My little boy learned so much from her, she is so patient and you can tell how much her job means to her. No one deserves recognition as much as this dear teacher.

Name: Carolee Ralston

School: Watersprings Christian School

Date: November 27, 2018

Nominated by: Valorie DeFillippis

I am sure a lot of nominees have similar things written about them, BUT Mrs. Ralston is amazing!!! She has a true love for teaching and her students. I have never met a teacher so excited to teach ,and love her students as if they are her own. The way my daughter, Gianna, talks about Mrs. Ralston after school hours makes me tear up knowing she is so loved while I am at work. Mrs. Ralston is teaching kids to LOVE school and that is so important, and a lesson that will last them their entire lives. My daughter craves to be at school each morning, and can’t wait to get there, that in itself is so neat to watch. I can’t say enough amazing things about her. She gives each kid a huge hug and “I love you” before they leave each night. Even if she doesn’t win, seeing this contest makes me realize I should let her know our thoughts and love for her. My daughter wanted to add “I am thankful for Jesus in my heart thanks to Mrs Ralston” (she is 5)

Name: Kristie Wolff

School: Washington Elementary School

Date: November 20, 2018

Nominated by: Vivian Conner

Kristie has become a personal friend after my first parent/teacher conference with her. She’s not only a great friend, but she gets the kids imaginations going. She helps each student know their worth. Not one student leaves her class without knowing that they’re loved. She’s absolutely incredible.

Name: Ryan Hansen

School: Idaho Falls High School

Date: November 13, 2018

Nominated by: Lori Johnson

This teacher is an amazing, well liked teacher. He truly makes a difference in students lives. Not only are his classes fun and exciting, but he is well respected by school staff and students.

Name: Wendy Norman

School: Jefferson Elementary School

Date: November 6, 2018

Nominated by: Cassie Bowen

I would like to nominate my daughter’s teacher for your teacher feature. Her name is Wendy Norman and she teaches first grade at Jefferson Elementary in Rigby, Idaho. She deserves to be honored because she goes above and beyond. She walks that extra mile; she takes that extra step.

I knew that I would like Mrs. Norman long before I actually met her in person. She called me a few weeks before school started to ask me questions about my daughter. She wanted to know about my daughter’s personality, her likes and dislikes, and about any questions or concerns I had as a parent. WHO DOES THAT??? No teacher that had ever known had done that. So, naturally I was already impressed. She had set the bar very high for my expectations of her.

Then she proceed to continue to keep that bar high! She sent a letter to our home, to my daughter, telling about herself; to let the students get to know her. A few weeks after school started she called to tell me how much she loved having my daughter in her class. Once again, I thought to myself, that’s the first time that has ever happened!

I’ve been in the classroom with her and have seen first hand how she treats her students. She wants them all to succeed and does all she can to help them learn. She is very kind to them, yet very firm, and she expects a lot of them. I am grateful to her for that! The more she expects of my daughter, the higher my daughter will reach!

In conclusion, I am so grateful to know that as my daughter goes to school every day she has someone there who will support her, love her and push her to do more and be better! Thank you to Mrs. Norman for doing that!

Name: Katie King

School: Taylor’s Crossing Charter School

Date: October 30, 2018

Nominated by: Anonymous

She is always trying to make learning fun for us. She’s fun to be around.


Name: Marie Call

School: Riverview Elementary

Date: October 16, 2018

Nominated by: Ainzley Edwards

Miss Call was my 3rd grade teacher last year and she really made an impression on my life. It was one of my best years so far in school. Miss Call is funny. Miss Call always listened to me and cared about how my weekend was. I really feel like she truly cares about me and what is going on in my life. She always made math more personalized and easier to understand. I wish I could have her as my teacher for every year. It was a year I will never forget.

Name: Donica Crocker

School: Bridgewater Elementary

Date: October 9, 2018

Nominated by: Heidi Jensen

I am nominating Mrs. Crocker because she really is the best. She cares for all her students. She is one of those teachers you wish you could have every year. I am lucky and got her twice. Once in 1st grade at Alturas and now in 3rd at Bridgewater. She makes reading fun for me… which is hard because I struggle with it because of speech difficulties. She makes me want to learn. She makes everything fun. I love everything about her. She even tries to go to her students activities outside of school. She wants to show she supports them in everything they do. She’s a one-in-a-million teacher and every teacher should strive to be like her. She is my best friend. And I love her and school because of her. She makes me believe in myself.

As a parent, what more could we ask of our teachers than to believe in our children and not just at school… but in everything! She is an amazing woman.

Name: Danika Butler

School: Southfork Elementary

Date: October 2, 2018

Nominated by: Luke Rasmussen

I’m nominating Mrs. Butler because she almost never loses her temper. She is also really nice to the students. She loves to play with them outside. We used to make snowmen in the winter named Bob. She let us put them on her window sill. She’s really nice and makes learning fun. That’s why I nominate her.

Name: Marci Hansen

School: Longfellow Elementary

Date: September 25, 2018

Nominated by: Melissa Briggs

The students at Longfellow Elementary are extremely privileged to have Marci Hansen as our librarian. Marci is always listening to a new  book and recommending books to students. She not only knows students’ reading levels and range of books, but she also cares about their  interests. She strives every day to encourage a love of reading in every single child at our school. She also works with teachers to ensure that we have the books we need too. Our teachers send emails to the entire staff giving her kudos every year because she works tirelessly and goes above and beyond for our students all of the time! Recently, our district, updated new software for the schools’ libraries, and Marci has  already worked to update our entire library into the new system. She also worked this summer! Our library was open a few days for a few hours this summer and many students took advantage and continued to read over the summer which prevents summer slide. I just cannot  say enough wonderful things about this devoted, hard-working, inspirational librarian that we are so lucky to have at our school.



Name: Sherri Shippen

School: Midway Elementary

Date: September 18, 2018

Nominated by: Laura Knighton

Sherri teaches in the DAC program. Her class is full of kiddos who struggle in one way or another with developmental and/or physical delays and are quite the handful. But as the saying goes ” If you think her hands are full you should see her heart”. She is patient and kind and you can really tell that she loves her job. My son blossomed in her class. He came home smiling and I was surprised at what she was able to help him understand, when I was struggling to teach him concepts that he seemed to pick up so effortlessly in her care. It takes a very special person to be in a classroom full of special needs kids and keep her head, but she does! And she pretty much ROCKS at it!! If anyone deserves a special recognition its her:) We love our Miss Shippen!


Name: Keven Glider

School: Valley View Alternative High School

Date: October 23, 2018

Nominated by: Ruth Glider

Mr. Glider is an awesome teacher. He is the only teacher in the building and covers every subject. He also has to make sure the building is maintained and clean. He literally covers it all. His students are his priority, he takes a great deal of time for each student to make sure they are where they need to be with their credits and classes. He takes time to talk with his students and understand them. Some of his students are dealing with a lot of negative in their lives and he tries to be a positive influence for them. His students respect him because they know they can trust him to be honest with them and that he is in their corner fighting for them. It is a personal victory every time one of his students graduates. He has been teaching for 25 plus years and has had a great impact on so many students. He is also the Head Wrestling coach for Sugar Salem High School where he continues to have such a positive impact on the students. Last year they took state as a team for the 2nd year in a row. The team also received the State Academic Champion Award for the first time. Mr Glider spends
countless hours preparing so that he can give his students every possible opportunity to succeed.