Classy 97 has partnered with The Salvation Army and The Healing Sanctuary again this year and along with your help, hundreds of children in East Idaho will have a Christmas this year.

Thank you to everyone that adopted an Angel this year! If you have adopted one of Classy’s 97 Angels, please purchase the items on their list, and deliver the new, unwrapped gifts to the Salvation Army in Idaho Falls and/or Pocatello by Friday, December 9, 2022 so that they will be able to distribute the gifts in time for Christmas.

Deliver the items to the Salvation Army in Idaho Falls and/or Pocatello:

Idaho Falls – 605 N Blvd – (208) 522-7200

Pocatello – 400 North 4th Ave. – (208) 232-5318

Be sure to attach the child’s case # to your items.

Thanks again!