Classy 97 Family Feud – Do They Choose Daisy Or Their Daughter

From September 2, 2020

I’m so scared to ask this but I need some help. We have a sweet little dog named Daisy. We got her 3 years ago and I love her. We also have a 9 month old baby who is starting to get around and be more active. Daisy hates my daughter. She hasn’t done anything yet, but she growls at her when the baby is making noise or playing on the floor. I’m really worried about what will happen when the baby starts walking. What if Daisy bites Alyssa? What if something terrible happens? I think we need to re-home Daisy and it breaks my heart. I know people are going to tear me up for this. I know that when you get a dog it’s for life. I’m really sad about this, but I’m worried about my daughter. What should I do?
Anna, Rexburg