Classy 97 Family Feud: Pedicures Are For Pansies

From June 5, 2019

Dear Nelson & Liza,

You know how ladies say “Time to get my summer pedicure before I start wearing sandals?” Well my husband wears Teva’s all summer and really should get one. I suggested we go to the salon together and he said it’s too “girly.” I offered to give him a pedicure at home and he said “hard pass.” His heels are hard and cracked, he has terrible calluses and the nails are too long. He’s a very good looking man! Self care shouldn’t be characterized as effeminate. Do men think showering is too girly? Aftershave? Brushing your teeth? I’ve seen men getting pedicures before. How can we convince my hubby to give it a try?
Claire, Idaho Falls