Classy 97 Family Feud: Water Wars

From August 5, 2020

Dear Liza,

Isn’t there a song that goes “Dear Liza, Dear Liza?” Sorry, I just wrote that and remembered singing it in elementary school.
I can’t believe I have a Family Feud for you. Here goes.
Our new neighbors aren’t watering their lawn enough, so my husband has started doing it for them. They have a hose on the side of the house with a sprinkler attached. When my husband goes out to water our lawn, he just marches right over to their side yard, turns the water and on and places it on the brown spots. Then when he turns ours off he does theirs too. Our water isn’t metered so it’s not like it’s costing them extra money. He says he’s offering them free lawn care, I say it’s not his business (or property) and he should just let it be.
He’s been doing this all summer and they haven’t complained. Do you think this is helpful and courteous or rude?

Erica, Rexburg