97 Questions with Josh & Chelsea – Day 1

From November 8, 2021

Good morning Classy 97! It’s Josh & Chelsea with the first set of our 97 Questions! We’re on a mission to answer (at least) 97 questions to help you get know the new Classy 97 morning show! Today, we answered 9 questions.

Question 1: Where are you from?

J – I’m originally from Idaho Falls, I lived in Pocatello for five years, and I lived in Phoenix, AZ for a couple of years.

C – Born in Indiana, moved to southern California, then here to Idaho Falls before high school.

Question 2: Where have you traveled to?

J – I was super lucky to get to spend 8 days in Costa Rica with my high school Spanish club.

C – My first international trip was to Iceland! Breathtaking, gorgeous and expensive but worth it every time.

Question 3: If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

J – My wife and I have talked often about traveling to Thailand – if for no reason other than street food!

C – honestly I would go back to Iceland in a heartbeat but Ireland would be just as beautiful.

Question 4: What’s your favorite season?

J – I am an avid outdoorsman, so it’s hard to pick because there are so many great outdoor activities in all of the seasons, but summer seems to be my favorite for all the great outdoor activities!

C – Fall 100%. I love the cozy mug of warm tea or cider, the sweaters, scarves, all the color changes – everything about it.

Question 5: Humidity Vs. Dry Heat?

J – East Idaho weather is my comfort zone and as a bald man, I don’t get the benefits of the wavy hair humidity provides.

C – I sunburn in matter of minutes but I absolutely dislike humidity.

Question 6: What temperature is your thermostat set to?

J – My house lives at 70-degrees. I’m not a big stickler on keeping it set at a specific temperature, I’d rather everyone feel comfortable.

C – Growing up it was 68-degrees year round no exceptions. Now that I have a home it’s a bounce back and forth between 70/72 depending on the night.

Question 7: Hobbies – what do you like and what do you do?

J – Fly-fishing and fly-tying are my top hobbies for sure! I dove head first into it over the past couple of years and I’m absolutely in love!

C – I am an avid crafter. Crochet, knitting, quilting, and drawing. I am also a big reader! There are books all over my house!

Question 8: If you could only eat one food everyday for the rest of your life?

J – I absolutely love lasagna!

C – cocktail shrimp forever.

Question 9: What’s your go-to movie snack?

J – Buttery popcorn and Milk Duds or Jr. Mints

C – Jr. Mints for sure, and the occasional handful of popcorn (no butter though)

We’ll answer more questions tomorrow morning! If you’ve got a burning question that you’d like us to answer, give us a call in the studio tomorrow morning 208-525-9797, and if we answer your question on the air, we’ll set you up with a brand new Classy 97 t-shirt!

Talk to you tomorrow morning!
~Josh & Chelsea