97 Questions With Josh & Chelsea – Day 5

From November 12, 2021

Good morning Classy 97! It’s Josh & Chelsea with the fifth set of our 97 Questions!

Question 37: Do You Have A Favorite Quote?

J – “I went into the woods because I wished to live deliberately.” – Henry David Thoreau

C – “Don’t be sorry, just be.” – Chelsea Ray

Question 38: Do You Consider Yourself A Good Dancer?

J – No, not at all. It’s just elbows everywhere.

C – Definitely not. I can NOT keep a rhythm.

Question 39: Do You Have A Conversational Starter Piece In Your Home?

J – My wife and I installed a stained pallet wood accent wall in our living room that gets a lot of positive complements.

C – We have a wall of thrift store animal art because it’s whacky and odd.

Question 40: What Is The First Feature That You Notice About A Person?

J – Probably eyes. I think there’s something about connecting glances with another person that is really special.

C –

Question 41: If You Had To Give Up One Of Your Senses, Which One Would It Be?

J – Touch maybe? I could still function fairly normally without it… I think.

C – I’d hate to give any of them up but if I had to choose I suppose touch makes sense to me.

Question 42: What’s Your Favorite Kind Of Cookie?

J – Big time snickerdoodle fan. Followed by oatmeal raisin.

C – All of them.

Question 43: What Do You Miss Most About Being A Kid?

J – The lack of stress on everything and the lack of responsibility and the freedom to just go and do whatever.

C – Naps, snacks, and no bills!

Question 44: What’s Your Most Memorable Birthday Party?

J – Inviting 3 or 4 friends to dinner and arcade games at Choice’s Pizza followed by epic sleepovers!

C – When I was young I was fortunate enough to have a classic McDonalds birthday!

Question 45: What’s The Funniest Thing You’ve Ever Seen A Kid Do?

J – I was witness to a kid having the best day of his life at Lagoon-a-beach. He was rising a tube down a slide screaming ‘THIS IS AWESOME’ over & over at the top of his lungs. We still laugh abut that kid often!

C – He was unharmed, buy my youngest brothers first MAJOR snowboarding crash made me chuckle simply because his body completed a full flip from face on snow to sitting up right again.

We’ll answer more questions Monday morning! If you’ve got a burning question that you’d like us to answer, give us a call in the studio tomorrow morning 208-525-9797, and if we answer your question on the air, we’ll set you up with a brand new Classy 97 t-shirt!

Talk to you Monday morning!
~Josh & Chelsea