97 Questions With Josh & Chelsea – Day 6

From November 15, 2021

Hey, it’s Josh & Chelsea! Now into our second week of answering 97 Questions!

Question 46: Do You Have A Thing Or Treat That Cheers You Up?

J – I’m a sucker for a peach smoothie. It’s pretty guaranteed to bring a smile to my face!

C – I mean…I will always feel better after cookies.

Question 47: What’s Your Go-To Comfort Clothing Or Item?

J – I got this new hoodie that I love! It’s super soft and cozy. I also have a pair of pj shorts that are amazing for lounging around in.

C – A hoodie always, sometimes a beanie is nice and a weighted blanket keep me all together.

Question 48: What’s Your Favorite Disney Movie?

J – Aladdin! I was a kid when it came out and I remember listening to the soundtrack all the time!

C -HERCULES! easy. I know just about every single word.

Question 49: Who’s Your Favorite Disney Character?

J – Kronk from Emperor’s New Groove is the man!

C – Pain and Panick from Hercules. They CRACK. ME. UP.

Question 50: Who’s Your Least Favorite Disney Character? 

J – Darla from Finding Nemo

C – Gaston!

Question 51: What Fictional Universe Would You Most Like To Live In?

J – Immediate answer is Star Wars! After giving it more thought, I think the Land of the Dead from Coco would be an amazing place to be. You get to hang with all your dead friends & family and every year on Dia De Los Muertos you can travel along the Marigold Bridge and visit the living!

C – Hogwarts for Christmas 100% of the time…and to be part of one of my fantasy novel universes would be exciting!

Question 52: What Is Something You Feel Everyone Should Do At Least Once In Their Lifetime?

J – Sleep outside. There’s nothing like waking up with the sunrise in nature. It’s unbeatable!

C – Work retail or fast food. Not as a punishment or anything negative; working fast food taught me how to REALY manage time down to the minute.

Question 53: What Is Your Spirit Animal?

J – An Owl.

C – Cookie Monster. Jokin – it’s a Cheetah

Question 54: What Dumb Accomplishment Are You Most Proud Of?

J – Burger King Employee of the Month – May 1999.

C – I won a coloring contest when I was in 3rd grade once?

Question 55: LISTENER QUESTION FROM MONICA – Have You Always Wanted To Be A Radio DJ?

J – I have always wanted to be on the radio. As long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by radio. At 12, I would record myself on cassette tapes pretending to be on the radio. Somewhere there are recordings of little Josh Tielor pretending to be big Josh Tielor.

C – I didn’t even know how much I would love this career. I participated in DJ for a Day on Z103 and everything just worked out and now I’m here loving every day!

We’ll answer more questions tomorrow morning! If you’ve got a burning question that you’d like us to answer, give us a call in the studio tomorrow morning 208-525-9797, and if we answer your question on the air, we’ll set you up with a brand new Classy 97 t-shirt!

~Josh & Chelsea