Do You Use a Hair Dryer?

From July 23, 2019

I thought this was kind of funny. I heard today that around 24% of men use a hair dryer. In fact, those same guys will absolutely refuse to go on a vacation unless they can bring one with them herunterladen! On the flip side, around 76% of women use one on a daily basis!

I was trying to think back to when the last time I used one was. I’m pretty sure it was back in the 80’s to either feather my hair or to style the mullet that I rocked for a few years herunterladen. You remember, business in the front…party in the back! Ha ha, good times!

Do you use a hair dryer? Does your guy use one too? If so, do you share or do you each have your own video von facebook auf pc herunterladen? Let us know at

-Scott Conners