From July 17, 2019

With the 2 day Amazon Prime Day now over I’ve heard that other online retailers benefited from the event too. eBay is one of the sites who always gets a bit of a tailwind thanks to Amazon.

Do you ever use eBay? I have for the past decade or so. And, just so you know, EVERYTHING is on eBay! EVERYTHING! I’ll sell stuff and buy stuff both on there. In fact, I sold a vehicle on eBay a few years back. That’s by far the most expensive thing I have sold. I’ve also purchased a couple of microphones for radio/ voice over work on eBay too over the years. Good mics do not come cheap. Most of the things I buy/ sell on the site are not very much money though. As long as the person you are dealing with has solid feedback ratings as a buyer/ seller there is not very much to worry about. The worst part are the fees. It averages out to be about 10% from eBay and then another 5% from PayPal (which is required to have an eBay account).

So, do you eBay? What’s the most expensive thing you’ve purchased and sold on the internet platform? Let us know at Facebook.com/classy97

-Scott Conners