Fashion Fads

From July 30, 2019

Think back to all of the fashion fads we have gone through over the years. Whether it’s an article of clothing, an accessory that got carried around, or a specific hair style, there have been A LOT that all fall under the ‘fashion’ category.

Does anyone else remember parachute pants! Yikes! How about the mullet (business in the front & party in the back) or the big gigantic bangs the girls had! I think some of those bangs were a foot high! Or, maybe it was the shoulder pads, the portable boombox, or the scrunchies. I could go on and on and on and on! Ha ha, good times.

Don’t forget, most fashions tend to come back around at some point too. Sometimes without any changes at all and others only modified a tiny bit to fit the current time we live in.

What fashion fad do you hope NEVER EVER makes a comeback in any way, shape, or form? This should be good… let us know at

-Scott Conners