Favorite Animated Movie

From July 19, 2019

With the new Lion King remake due out this weekend, it had me thinking back to the original. The new adaptation is technically an ‘animated’ film but a lot of people are calling it a ‘live action’ movie movie star planet herunterladen. Either way, Disney has had so many huge animated movie successes over the years that this one will probably succeed too, despite it being a remake.

Think back to all of the animated films over the years that you have seen talking angela zum herunterladen. Is there one or two that pop out as your favorites? I have always loved Aladdin. But I think it was more because of princess Jasmine than any other reason (ha ha) herunterladen. She is by far my favorite movie princess… but that’s a topic for a different day! I still enjoy Monsters Inc and Finding Nemo though!

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-Scott Conners