Spouse Spying

From July 11, 2019

I thought this was interesting. I heard today that just under 40% of women thought that spying on a spouse suspected of questionable behavior of some sort would be ok to do. The percentage of guys who thought it would be alright? Less than 30%.

I think most people when reading this will immediately think about the whole ‘cheating’ factor. But, spying could refer to any number of things for any number of reasons.

I certainly wouldn’t condone it for something minor and insignificant in the big picture. However, I think it could be a necessary evil. If the consequential fallout from his/ her actions has the potential to be damaging emotionally, physically, or financially to the relationship I think the spouse would have a right to know, and deserves to know, in order to act/ help accordingly. If you were on the receiving end, wouldn’t you want to know, as difficult as the truth might be? Maybe I’m in the minority. What do you think? Tell us at Facebook.com/classy97

-Scott Conners