Happy Birthday To The Drive In Movie Theater

From June 6, 2019

The drive in movie theater celebrates it’s birthday today as the first location fired up on this date back in 1933!

What ever happened to those? They need to make a comeback! Are there any still open for biz here in East Idaho?

I can remember in my late teens going to one (in Washington State where I lived at the time) and one of our friends hid in the trunk to get in. He barely fit, it was like a hilarious clown car routine from the circus. I still snicker, giggle, and snort just thinking about it! Not a proud memory but a funny one.

Do you have any drive in stories to share? C’mon, if you’re of a certain age I know you do. Don’t hold out on the rest of us! You can do it at Facebook.com/classy97

-Scott Conners