Have You Ever Been Scammed?

From September 20, 2018

From East Idaho News:

Customers of Idaho Falls Power have reported receiving phone calls from a fraudulent company claiming to represent Idaho Falls Power. The callers claim the customers have overdue power bills and demand that the customers call a number to pay their bill or their power will be turned off.

The calls appear to be targeting religious organizations at this time and the city of Idaho Falls Municipal Services Department has received numerous reports from various faith based organizations that have been targets of the operation.

Neither Idaho Falls Power nor the city of Idaho Falls will ever call customers demanding payment for bills over the telephone. Customers who may be targets of this fraudulent scheme are urged not to provide any personal or financial information over the telephone or to enter into further contact or communication with the callers by calling any hotlines or special numbers provided.

Customers who have any questions about their power bills or the status of their accounts with the city or Idaho Falls Power may call the city of Idaho Falls Credit Office at (208) 612-8144. They may also report the fraudulent activity to the Idaho Falls Police Department at 208-529-1200.