How Do You Make Friends As An Adult

From September 17, 2020

How did you find your best friend? It’s easy when we’re in school. We become friends with the kid we sit next to or the girl that loans you a pen in English, but how do adults make friends? One woman made new friends by expanding her settings on Tinder!

Fresh out of a relationship, Jess, 31, started using Tinder in 2015. She downloaded the app for its intended purpose — dating — but soon after, she realized that by expanding her settings, she could take the pressure off meeting potential partners and find interesting people to make friends with. This ‘hack’ came in handy during the coronavirus pandemic, when Jess was looking to meet people outside of her social circle without leaving the house. “Right now, people can’t make friends in the traditional way,” Jess adds. “But at the same time, people have more time, and are more hungry for meaningful connections.”

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