How Many Smart Phone Apps

From July 10, 2019

I am willing to bet that if you have young children you have many more apps on your phone then those who DO NOT have kids.

I heard today that the average smartphone user has around 40 apps, give or take a few. So, I thought, what the heck, let’s count ’em up and find out how many I have. I was guessing that I probably had 2 or 3 times that many on my phone. The verdict is in… 114 apps! Quite a few of those though are games that my kids will play from time to time (I never play them, I swear. OK, maybe 1 or 2).

Honestly though, I probably only use 10-20 of those apps consistently. It may be time to delete a bunch! It’s kind of like having hundreds of cable channels but only really ever watching 10-20 of them! How about you, count them up, and report back! How many apps on your smart phone? Let us know at

-Scott Conners