It’s National Ice Cream Month!

From July 3, 2019

Hooray! Thanks to president Reagan, back in the 80s, for designating the entire month of July as National Ice Cream Month we now have another reason to stop by Reeds Dairy or any of the other yummy East Idaho Ice Cream spots and celebrate!

Back in the day, we were so limited as to the flavors we had to choose from. But now, BUT NOW, there are so many different flavors! Even weird ones too! Like garlic, avocado, jalapeno, and dill pickle ice cream created and developed just for moms to be!

No surprise, but chocolate is the post popular flavor out there! For me, I LOVE me some chocolate and peanut butter ice cream, while cookie dough is pretty high on my list too! How about you, what’s your favorite flavor of ice cream? Let us know at

-Scott Conners