It’s the 28th Anniversary!

From July 8, 2019

It’s the 28th anniversary of… wait for it… Everything I Do (I do it for you) from Bryan Adams! Yikes, 28 years already? That song still sounds great! It got me feeling a little nostalgic too!

I can remember living in an apartment in Seattle listening to the radio and a top 10 countdown. The DJ had a six pack of CD’s to give away to whomever could call in and name back all 10 songs in a row! I made it through and won that CD 6 pack! The number one song on that countdown was Bryan’s ‘Everything I Do’ and it stayed at number one for SO many days in a row after that!

Considering my advancing age there are not a lot of things I can remember (ha ha). As an example, I can’t remember really important things like specific math processes to help my middle school son, BUT, I CAN remember trivial things that do not matter like where I lived, the number one song on the radio, and the exact place I was sitting on the floor in an apartment while I called in to a radio station to win 6 CDs. I can even still remember what DJ it was! Silly, really. Or, maybe ‘sad’ is a better word!

Is there one specific song (or two) that really takes you back, and stirs up way too many specific memories too?

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-Scott Conners