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Classy 97 Family Feud: This One’s Just Too Easy

March 11, 2020

Liza, My husband subscribed to a monthly floral delivery service for me. On the 3rd of the month I always get a nice bouquet of flowers and I appreciate it, but it’s not very romantic. He prepaid for a years worth of flowers and now when they arrive I just feel vaguely sad. Am I […]


What SHOULD You Be Stockinpiling

March 10, 2020

We all agree, the toilet paper stockpiling is silly. What is the thing you SHOULD be stocking up on at your house? Pizza … books … tacos … chocolate milk? If you had to be stuck at home with your family for 14 days, what does your household need?


What Kind Of Snob Are You

March 6, 2020

What type of snob are you? Admit it … we all have a little bit of snootiness inside. Maybe you would NEVER own a dog that’s not pure bred, or you ONLY drink bottled water from France, or, like Liza … you’re a sheet snob! Liza only likes fancy sheets (600 thread count or above) […]


Every Night Before Bed I _______________

March 5, 2020

Every night before bed I ___________. Liza can’t seem to go to bed and rest unless either the dishwasher or the washing machine is running. Seems like it’s the last thing she does every night. What about you? Before you go to bed you always ______. Tell us here and 6:45 tomorrow morning.


Classy 97 Family Feud: Maybe She’s A Cat Person

March 4, 2020

Liza, My husband wanted a dog. I didn’t want a dog. We compromised and got a dog. 🙂 I know people are going to get upset but, I hate the dog. It smells. It’s messy. I can’t keep it off my furniture. My husband said he would train the dog, but he didn’t. My husband […]


Dumbest Family Fight Ever

March 3, 2020

What is the dumbest family fight you ever had? We can’t get over this hilarious Tweet from Jacquelyn. Tell us about your dumbest family fight here and 6:45 tomorrow morning.


How Much Does The Tooth Fairy Leave At Your House

February 27, 2020

Tomorrow is National Tooth Fairy Day. How much does the tooth fairy leave at your house? Tell us here and 6:45 tomorrow morning.


Classy 97 Family Feud: Should The Neighborhood Have A Universal Bedtime

February 26, 2020

Liza, I’m good friends with my neighbor. We go to the same church, we work the same hours, we have kids that are the same age — she’s probably my closest friend — but … she recently asked me if I could change my kids bedtime because her kids go to bed at 7:30 p.m. She […]


When Have You Really Put Your Foot In Your Mouth

February 25, 2020

Last night I asked Cameron to carry a box upstairs for me. I said “Be careful, it’s really heavy.” And HE said … “YOU’RE really heavy!” (gasp) Poor kid. You’ve never heard a quicker apology! Has it ever happened to you?


Tax Refund Time

February 24, 2020

Whatcha’ doing with that Tax Refund? Vacation? New furniture? Pay off the car? Are you doing something fun with your tax reFUNd? Tell us here and 6:45 tomorrow morning.