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East Idaho wakes up with a smile to their favorite morning show with Liza. The show features a busy supermom listening to East Idaho and offering silliness, support, and solutions. If it's important to East Idaho, and Liza is talking about it and getting feedback from the audience. Featuring "Battle Of The Sexes" weekdays at 7:45 a.m.

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What’s The Most You’ve Spent At The Dollar Store

September 25, 2018

What’s the most you’ve ever spent at the Dollar Store? Liza went in for one or two things and came out with $54 worth of stuff! The dollar store can be very addictive. What’s the most you’ve spent?


Have You Ever Been Scammed?

September 20, 2018

From East Idaho News: Customers of Idaho Falls Power have reported receiving phone calls from a fraudulent company claiming to represent Idaho Falls Power. The callers claim the customers have overdue power bills and demand that the customers call a number to pay their bill or their power will be turned off. The calls appear […]


Mike & Liza’s Family Feud: How Obvious Does She Have To Be

September 19, 2018

Dear Mike & Liza, My wife keeps sending me “hints” about things she wants me to buy her and ways she wants me to behave. There was a Facebook video of a guy saying why it was important to give your wife flowers. Another meme was a guy in a fancy suit taking a woman […]


When Do You Decorate

September 18, 2018

It’s 43 days until Halloween and Liza is dying to decorate her porch. Mike says she should wait until October 1st. When do you put up your Halloween decor?


What Do You Eat For Breakfast

September 14, 2018

Celebrities, they’re NOT like us. As if this statement really needs proving, check out Extra Crispy’s list of 10 bizarre breakfasts that certain celebs have copped to eating on the reg: Scott Foley: peanut butter and scrambled eggs. Dwayne Johnson: energy-drink powders and grilled sirloin. Shailene Woodley: bone broth, Bulletproof coffee and, uh, clay. Jennifer […]


Mike & Liza’s Family Feud: Best Friends or AirBnb

September 12, 2018

Dear Mike & Liza, We have some friends that used to live here and have since moved away. We’ve stayed in touch on Facebook and stuff, but they are now planning a 10 day trip to Pocatello, just to see and spend time with us. We were friends, but not THAT close. I wouldn’t mind […]


What Are You Canning This Weekend

September 7, 2018

What are you canning this weekend? Every time we get on Facebook or Instagram, it’s all pictures of salsa and peaches and jam. What are you canning this weekend? Tell us on Facebook and 6:45 Monday morning.


Mike & Liza’s Family Feud: Her Niece Isn’t Acting So Nice

September 5, 2018

Dear Mike & Liza, I follow my niece on Instagram. She got the account when she was 7 and used to post cute pictures of her toys, family and horses. But now, she’s 14 and the pictures have taken a slightly racy turn. It’s nothing overtly inappropriate, but it is sure different than the cute […]


Have You Ever Dated Someone Twice

September 4, 2018

If a relationship ends poorly and enough time has passed, does it makes sense to think it would work if you tried again? Do you believe in second chances?


Mike & Liza’s Family Feud: Classic Country Blues

August 29, 2018

Dear Mike & Liza, When my husband and I first met, we were both into New Wave music. (That tells you how old we are.) Then he got into big band and swing music in the late 90’s. When we had kids and bought Baby Einstein CD’s he started listening to classical music and I’ve […]