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Mike & Liza’s Family Feud: Valentine’s Day Manipulator?

February 8, 2017

Dear Mike & Liza, My husband is traditionally pretty terrible at gift giving. This year I thought I’d give him some hints before Valentine’s Day. I used his iPad this weekend and searched for flowers, jewelry, and lacy things. Now his Facebook and Google ads are hitting him with a constant barrage of “great Valentine’s […]


2017 Resolution Get Organized and De-clutter

February 7, 2017

For months even years I have seen all of these posts on Facebook and other social media, on different websites and just from talking to people, that getting organized is a new trend. I’m talking hard core. The new Japanese trend where you hold an item, and if it brings you joy you keep it, […]


Would You Rent Your House For The Eclipse

February 6, 2017

Would you rent your house for the August eclipse? According to Local News 8 “websites like Airbnb are reporting record prices for stays during the eclipse. Just renting a bedroom in a home will cost you between $513 and $770. A full house is going for anywhere between $1,000 and $8,000.” Would you considering renting […]


What’s Your Favorite Musical

February 2, 2017

What’s your favorite movie musical? La La Land has made musicals cool again, but Liza says it’s no “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.” Tell us your favorite movie musical here and 6:45 tomorrow morning.  


It’s Not Christmas Until

December 14, 2016

This is that time of year where memories abound! I LOVE this time of year. It’s the time of year when most people are in a good mood, sharing cheer and presents and my personal favorite… Recipes! It is not Christmas until my mom makes her famous “date nut balls.” They are melt in your […]


Im An Adult And I Love Popsicles

November 16, 2016

Today I learned… that the Popsicle was invented by an eleven-year-old boy. I also learned that Popsicle is the name brand no the name of the treat. The year was 1905, and eleven-year-old Frank Epperson from San Francisco, California invented, the Popsicle as we know it today. According to the Popsicle company, one cold evening […]


Mike & Liza’s Family Feud: Do Kittens Make Good Presents

November 9, 2016

Dear Mike & Liza, My parents have a cat that just had a litter of kittens. I think there are 5 of them. My mom said she’s going to give the kittens away to members of the family as gifts. I told her I don’t think you can give someone a living creature and expect […]


Mike & Liza’s Family Feud: Snow Blower No No

November 2, 2016

Dear Mike & Liza, Our anniversary is coming up in a couple weeks. Snow is also coming in a couple weeks. I want to get my wife a nice snow blower for an anniversary gift. All I need to know is — is this the worst idea ever? Ben, Idaho Falls


11 Halloween Facts You Might Not Know

October 28, 2016

1. Halloween Didn’t Originate In America According to The History Channel, the holiday actually came from Ireland’s Celtic festival for the dead, “Samhain.” For them, the festival represented the ending of the old and the welcoming of the new. 2. Jack-O-Lanterns Were Originally Not Made Out Of Pumpkins Since Halloween originated in Ireland, so did […]


Where’s The Best Place To Trick-Or-Treat In East Idaho

October 27, 2016

Where’s the best place to trick-or-treat in East Idaho? Is this like asking about your secret fishing hole? Will you reveal where you go for the best candy and treats?