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Classy 97 Family Feud: Who’s The Favorite Son

October 2, 2019

Dear Liza, I think my husband likes one of our children better than the rest. Isn’t that terrible? He just seems to have a great bond with, and spend more time with, our oldest son. We have 3 other boys that are only a couple years behind our 16 year old. I’m worried that soon […]


What’s Your Fall Favorite

September 27, 2019

Fall (maybe even winter) is in the air. What is your favorite Fall food? Liza makes beef stew the first weekend of Autumn almost every year. This weekend, she’s thinking chili and cinnamon rolls. What about you? Chicken and dumplings? Turkey noodle soup? Something fabulous in the crock pot? Share your favorite with with us […]


Happy National Pancake Day

September 26, 2019

Do these look delicious or what?


Classy 97 Family Feud: Nailed it!

September 25, 2019

Dear Liza, I’m 14 and go to Hillcrest High School. All my friends got acrylic nails before school and I really want to get them too. I told my parents I can pay for them myself but my parents say no. If I can pay for them myself, shouldn’t I be allowed to get them? […]


Do You Refill Your Popcorn Before You Leave the Theater

July 16, 2019

Do you refill your popcorn before you go home? I saw a guy leaving the theater with his empty popcorn container and cup. He took them both up to the counter and got his refills … then he went outside to his car. No judgement here. I say get what’s yours. I’m just curious, do […]


How Many Smart Phone Apps

July 10, 2019

I am willing to bet that if you have young children you have many more apps on your phone then those who DO NOT have kids. I heard today that the average smartphone user has around 40 apps, give or take a few. So, I thought, what the heck, let’s count ’em up and find […]


Online Shopping

July 9, 2019

Do you do any online shopping? I do from time to time. Usually on Amazon and typically a little for Christmas and sometimes for birthdays too. But, for the record, I also shop locally. I was just reading that Amazon Prime Day is coming up next Monday and Tuesday and it is expected… to… be… […]


It’s the 28th Anniversary!

July 8, 2019

It’s the 28th anniversary of… wait for it… Everything I Do (I do it for you) from Bryan Adams! Yikes, 28 years already? That song still sounds great! It got me feeling a little nostalgic too! I can remember living in an apartment in Seattle listening to the radio and a top 10 countdown. The […]


Bathroom Pet Peeves

July 5, 2019

C’mon, we all have them, right? Bathroom pet peeves! From leaving big globs of toothpaste in the sink, to not changing the toilet roll paper, to the seat being left up! And be honest, we’ve all been guilty of some of those from time to time too! What is your biggest bathroom pet peeve? Let […]


It’s National Ice Cream Month!

July 3, 2019

Hooray! Thanks to president Reagan, back in the 80s, for designating the entire month of July as National Ice Cream Month we now have another reason to stop by Reeds Dairy or any of the other yummy East Idaho Ice Cream spots and celebrate! Back in the day, we were so limited as to the […]