How Many Times Have You Moved?

From October 26, 2017

So I think total 22, when I was a kid, my dad was in the Navy and that begun the beginning of all the moving… Here is a list of all the moves, if you wanna know 🙂

These are the moved I did with my family:

Boston, MA 2 moves

Jacksonville, FL 2 moves

Mobile, AL 2 moves

There are the moves I have done since I was 18:

Cleveland, TN (drama company, toured the US and this was home base)

London, EN UK

Derry, NH

Started in radio, these are all Radio Moves:

Mobile, AL 4 moves

Erie, PA

Portland, ME

Austin, TX

South Bend, IN

St Joseph, MI

Portland, ME

St Joseph, MI

Idaho Falls, ID 2 moves