Mike & Liza’s Family Feud: The Bank Of Mom & Dad

From October 25, 2017

Dear Mike and Liza,

My younger sister who is in her early 20s got married this spring and is currently going to college. She does not have a job so she can focus more on school, and her new husband makes very little money and is going to school as well. My parents have been giving them $300 a month for as long as they’ve been married to help cover some of their bills. The issue is, my parents need a new car, as theirs is very old and unreliable, and they have bills they are struggling to pay and are in a lot of debt. I’ve told them they need to quit supporting my sister and get the things they need for themselves and my siblings still at home. I personally feel that if my sister is old enough to get married, she can take care of herself and shouldn’t rely on my parents any longer. They tell me to mind my own business and that there’s nothing wrong with helping family.
Am I in the wrong for feeling like my sister shouldn’t be taking advantage of my parents like this?
Candace, Rigby