Mike & Liza’s Family Feud: Double Booked is Double Trouble

From October 3, 2018

Dear Mike & Liza,
Bear with me, it’s a bumpy ride.
My brother and his wife planned an out of town weekend getaway. Their 15 year old daughter, my niece, has a job at a haunted attraction and gets off work at 1:00 a.m. (This is ridiculous, by the way) 4 weeks ago they asked if I would pick her up and drive her home and of course I said yes. Then my own wife scheduled something for us the same weekend and when I went to add it to the calendar, I noticed my previous commitment. Uh Oh! My brother is saying that his wife wants to just cancel their planned trip so they can pick my niece up. (Are you kidding me?) Can you come up with a solution that doesn’t involve me disappointing my wife or letting my brother down?
Sean, Ammon