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Mike & Liza’s Family Feud: Safety First This Christmas

  ·  November 29, 2017

Dear Mike & Liza, Our 6 year old son has asked for a hoverboard for Christmas. My wife is very worried he’s going to break his arm or his leg or his neck. I think kids should get what they want for Christmas. That’s what makes it a magical time of year. What should we […]

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Unused Christmas Gifts?

  ·  November 28, 2017

Do you have an unused Christmas gift? Something you opened in front of the family and then put on the shelf never to be seen again. Someone gave Mike a Fry Daddy that is still in the box in a closet. Have you ever gotten a gift you didn’t use? Tell us here and 6:45 […]

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What Kind Of Christmas Tree Do You Get

  ·  November 27, 2017

What kind of Christmas tree do you have? We want to know how East Idaho does Christmas. Tell us about your tree here and 6:45 tomorrow morning.

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No Presents For Adults?

  ·  November 21, 2017

An article published today says we shouldn’t give gifts to adults, and here’s why.   Waste: Gifts are a waste of resources Americans will spend about $967 on average this holiday season, putting the country on track to spend more than $678.8 billion in total, according to an annual survey conducted by the National Retail Federation. […]

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What Do You Do After Thanksgiving Dinner

  ·  November 20, 2017

What does your family do after Thanksgiving dinner? Mike says immediately take a nap. Liza’s mom always makes everyone go for a walk. What does your family do after dinner? Tell us on Facebook and 6:45 tomorrow morning.

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Do Socks Make A Good Christmas Gift

  ·  November 13, 2017

Do socks make a good Christmas present. Liza’s daughter wants to be enrolled in the “Sock of the month club” and get socks all year round. Mike says socks make a terrible gift! What do you think? Tell us here and 6:45 tomorrow morning.

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Mike & Liza’s Family Feud: Cash For Christmas

  ·  November 8, 2017

                    Dear Mike & Liza, Every year my parents ask me the most difficult question of the year. “What do the children want for Christmas?” My kids are teenagers now. They want a particular style or brand of clothes, a violent video game, or cash. They […]

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Man Makes Dinner Night

  ·  November 2, 2017

Do you have a night where the man makes dinner? For Mike it’s Friday, and it’s not so much “makes” dinner as it is “picks up” dinner. Is this something you do in your house?

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Mike & Liza’s Family Feud: A Literal Cat Fight

  ·  November 1, 2017

Dear Mike & Liza, Our 10 year old cat has started acting out. Not only has he stopped using the litterbox, he’s marking his territory all over the house (and it’s starting to smell) and he’s clawing up the furniture. My husband says we should get rid of him. I feel like we need to […]

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Where Does The Cheese Go

  ·  October 31, 2017

    Where should cheese go on the cheeseburger emoji? Apple and Microsoft put it on top of the burger patty, Google puts it underneath!

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