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Greatest Thing Ever Invented?

  ·  July 26, 2019

This will be hard to narrow down to only one thing! But, think back over the years, what one thing might be the single greatest invention of all time! Maybe cars? How about air conditioning? Or maybe it’s air conditioning in cars! Or possibly the internet (thanks to Al Gore)! Ha ha! There are SOOO […]

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Does Your Car Have A Name?

  ·  July 25, 2019

This is funny, cute, and maybe a little bit odd depending on who you ask! Apparently, right around 42% of people (almost half) name their cars! I remember, when I was young, that my best friends mom had named their car ‘Betsy’ and she’d always encourage Betsy by tapping on the dashboard to help us […]

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Paper Plates Instead of Dishes

  ·  July 24, 2019

I was surprised to read that 7 out of 10 families use paper plates on a regular basis for eating. Listen, you do not have to convince me! Let’s be honest, everybody wins with fewer dirty dishes to wash and to toss in to the dishwasher! My family does it once in awhile. More often […]

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Do You Use a Hair Dryer?

  ·  July 23, 2019

I thought this was kind of funny. I heard today that around 24% of men use a hair dryer. In fact, those same guys will absolutely refuse to go on a vacation unless they can bring one with them! On the flip side, around 76% of women use one on a daily basis! I was […]

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Most Admired Women

  ·  July 22, 2019

Obviously, it depends on the person. One list would most likely be completely different than someone else’s list. However, when you survey thousands of people it starts to get narrowed down and a bit more accurate. What woman, or three, do you admire most in the US or abroad? The top 5 this year, from […]

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Favorite Animated Movie

  ·  July 19, 2019

With the new Lion King remake due out this weekend, it had me thinking back to the original. The new adaptation is technically an ‘animated’ film but a lot of people are calling it a ‘live action’ movie. Either way, Disney has had so many huge animated movie successes over the years that this one […]

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Born and Raised In Idaho?

  ·  July 18, 2019

I thought this was interesting. I read that a really high percentage (somewhere around 70%) of people end up living within 50 miles or so of the town they were born and raised in. Probably because that is where most of their family and friends reside too! That makes sense. I was born and raised […]

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  ·  July 17, 2019

With the 2 day Amazon Prime Day now over I’ve heard that other online retailers benefited from the event too. eBay is one of the sites who always gets a bit of a tailwind thanks to Amazon. Do you ever use eBay? I have for the past decade or so. And, just so you know, […]

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Hologram Concerts

  ·  July 16, 2019

Well, I heard today that there will be a Whitney Houston hologram concert going on tour next year. A hologram. Is it the next best thing to seeing a now deceased person live? I’m not sure. It sounds a little strange but with the way technology is today, who knows, it could really be pretty […]

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Do You Refill Your Popcorn Before You Leave the Theater

  ·  July 16, 2019

Do you refill your popcorn before you go home? I saw a guy leaving the theater with his empty popcorn container and cup. He took them both up to the counter and got his refills … then he went outside to his car. No judgement here. I say get what’s yours. I’m just curious, do […]

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