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Mike & Liza’s Family Feud: Should Siblings Stand Together

  ·  April 26, 2017

                    Dear Mike & Liza, When I turned 16 my parents bought a used car for $1,000 and I had to pay them back in installments. Now my brother is starting drivers ed and my parents bought a used truck “so he’d have something durable to […]

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Did You Lie On Your First Date

  ·  April 25, 2017

On your first date, did you lie about liking something to get a second date? According to a new survey, lots of women lie about interests and hobbies to impress their date. It’s time to come clean. What did you pretend to like to snag your man?

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Did She Deserve These Citations?

  ·  March 27, 2017

This 6th grader got a couple citations for trespassing after cutting across her neighbors property to get to the bus. Do you think she deserved it? Be sure to read the whole story, and tell us what you think here, and 6:45 tomorrow morning.

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What’s East Idaho’s Favorite Dog Breed

  ·  March 21, 2017

What kind of dog do you have? For the 26th consecutive year, Labrador retrievers are the most popular dog breed in America, according to the American Kennel Club. Why? “You don’t have to be an expert dog owner to own a Lab,” posits AKC Vice President Gina DiNardo. Meanwhile, Rottweilers earned their highest ranking (#8) in […]

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Mike & Liza’s Family Feud: Is Her Husband A Hobbit

  ·  March 1, 2017

Dear Mike & Liza, I pack a thermos and a breakfast sandwich for my husband’s daily commute. In the last few months I’ve noticed the same $5.83 charge on our debit card, every weekday. I told him if he’d rather buy his breakfast at the convenience store, then I’ll stop making the effort to pack […]

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Ladies, How Many Hours Do You Sleep

  ·  February 28, 2017

Surprise! Women with children get less sleep than women without children. And even bigger surprise, children have no effect on a man’s sleep whatsoever. Read the whole story here and tell us how many children you have and how many hours you sleep each night. We’ll see if the women of East Idaho need a […]

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Do You Give Something Up For Lent

  ·  February 27, 2017

                        Do you give something up for Lent even if you’re not Catholic? Tell us what it is here and 6:45 tomorrow morning.  

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Purple Fence Posts Means No Trespassing

  ·  February 24, 2017

Trespassing is something that land owners have dealt with forever, Im sure. Most of them say those little “No Trespassing” signs aren’t effective or simply do not hold up in the weather. Well multiple states have come up with a solution. That is to paint your fence post or tree at the edge of your […]

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My Mom Is Coming For A Visit

  ·  February 22, 2017

I am beyond excited, my mom is coming for a visit. She has never been to Idaho and I am really excited to share this beautiful place with her! Traveling and exploring is what we love to do. And now I have a whole new world to explore and show my mom when she gets […]

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How Many Candles On An Adult’s Birthday Cake

  ·  February 16, 2017

How many candles should go on a grown up’s birthday cake? Liza’s best friend turns 48 today so Liza put 48 candles on the cake. She says it’s an important birthday tradition. What do you think? Do you need one candle for every year on your birthday cake?

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