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Classy 97 Family Feud: Is She Old Enough To Decide

  ·  July 22, 2020

Liza, I want to do my Senior year from home because of Corona and my parents think I’m just trying to get out of school. They think I should go back to school and sit in the classroom. There’s no reason for it. It’s not like I’m going to miss sports or prom or clubs. […]

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What Gives You A Bigger Thrill

  ·  July 20, 2020

What is more of a thrill: buying things or selling things? Some people get all tingly and excited when they purchase something new. Some people (and Liza) get a charge out of selling things, collecting the cash and clearing the space. What’s the best thing you ever bought AND the best thing you ever sold?

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When Is A Gift Not A Gift

  ·  July 17, 2020

If someone gives you a gift that you don’t want and won’t use, is it a gift? Liza’s friend “M” is getting hand me down clothes and toys from a neighbor. “M” says “basically she’s just making me take her things to the D.I. for her.” What would you do? (Liza says it’s just time […]

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Face Mask Etiquette Questions

  ·  July 16, 2020

Hey Liza, We went to a place to get coffee and a bagel and we wore face masks. Most of the people in the restaurant had them on too. Then I saw a woman get her food, sit down at a table, take off her mask and put it on the table. That seems pretty […]

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Classy 97 Family Feud: Does She Deserve To Know

  ·  July 15, 2020

Dear Liza, My husband has a co-worker who just went on vacation. When he got back to work he didn’t offer any details about his trip. We don’t know where he went or who he came in contact with. I think my husband’s employer should ask for a summary of the trip, who he vacationed […]

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Is Tickling Child Abuse

  ·  July 14, 2020

A growing chorus of critics think that tickling a kid is tantamount to bullying or even child abuse. One expert says tickling can overwhelm the system and make children feel helpless and out of control. Another says, “Despite their face looking like they are enjoying it, if they say they don’t like it, they probably don’t […]

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Animal Encounters

  ·  July 13, 2020

Have you had a wild animal encounter? A woman went for a run in Glacier National Park, jogged around the corner and ran straight into a bear. Both the bear and the woman are ok. Then a guy in Florida says he was riding his bike when an iguana darted out in front of him. […]

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Want To Go Skating

  ·  July 9, 2020

Roller skating is making a summer comeback. Do you roller skate? Liza saw a lot of rollerbladers on the paths outside of Jackson yesterday. Is it time to get out the roller skates and give it a try (again) Tell us on Facebook and 7:15 tomorrow morning.

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What Is An Indicator of Wealth

  ·  July 6, 2020

Downy fabric softener. Kleenex in every room. High quality sheets. What makes your list for “ooooh they must be rich?” Tell us here and 7:15 tomorrow morning.

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What Would You Teach at Common Sense Camp

  ·  July 3, 2020

These parents created Common Sense Camp for their teenagers and we think it’s brilliant. What would you teach at Common Sense Camp? Lots of kids these days are saying they never learned “how to adult.” Seems like we might be doing them a disservice by not teaching these things int he first place. Let’s make […]

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