Should There Be A Law Prohibiting Selfies in Certain Areas

From October 1, 2018

Should there be a law to protect people from themselves? A man seriously injured himself after he accidentally fell into a river in Maryland this past weekend while trying to take a selfie. Others who were enjoying the view of the Potomac River’s Great Falls on Olmsted Island helped pull the selfie-taker out of the water before rescue workers arrived at the scene. “Some passersby had intervened and slowed this person down. We believe that he was hanging on to some obstacles in the water. The water was very high,” said Montgomery County Fire spokesman Pete Piringer. FOX 5 adds that due to recent rains, the river is above the flood stage, while people who visit the falls claim the river’s higher than it’s ever been in recent memory. The unidentified man suffered serious injuries, but is expected to survive.