The ‘Donutational’ Pull

From June 10, 2019

So, totally random question of the day but do you have a favorite donut? Someone asked me that question this morning and I immediately responded with ‘buttermilk glazed’ donut followed closely in 2nd place by the ‘maple bar!’

I hardly ever eat donuts anymore as I get older and try to keep my girlish man figure intact! Do you realize how INCREDIBLY hard it is to ignore the free donuts that mysteriously appear in our breakroom numerous times a week! So…terribly…difficult!

What about you? Do you have a favorite donut that you CAN NOT RESIST? The type where the donutational pull is just way too great!  Let us know at

Also, I realize it’s only Monday but remember to sign up to be this weeks KLCE Donut Feel Good winner. You can do that right here on our website for your chance to win 3 dozen specialty donuts delivered to your office Friday morning by Nelson – from Baker’s Dozen on Woodruff in Idaho Falls. Good luck!

-Scott Conners