Tooth Fairy Cash

From June 4, 2019

So, apparently here in the West inflation has hit the Tooth Fairy harder than anywhere else in the country. Last year 1 tooth ran over $4.80! Luckily, for some of us, the fairy is a bit more financially strapped this year and will only drop about $4.20 per tooth out west. On the flip side though, she leaves less than 3 bucks in the Midwest!

She must live on the West coast somewhere (probably Hollywood) so she doesn’t have to pay as much for an Uber and in turn, passes those savings on to the kids! Wait a minute, she flies, doesn’t she? So that shouldn’t even matter!

How much does she tuck under the pillow at your house? Or, does she even come to your house at all? Let us know at

-Scott Conners