What Kind of Job Would You Like To Have?

From May 9, 2019

I love my job, it’s fun, entertaining and helps pay the bills! Despite what you might think, working in radio is NOT a 4 hour per day kind of job, AND it does not pay a ton of cash. People in radio do it because they enjoy it. However, there’s always pros and cons to any job right?

The other day, it got me thinking. What job do you think you would enjoy doing if you weren’t doing what you’re doing now? Did that make any sense? And be reasonable, I’m not talking movie star, famous singer or anything like that. I’m talking something within reach, something realistically attainable.

For me, I think I would really enjoy being a Department of Fish and Game officer or an Idaho park ranger. For many years I’ve thought about doing one of those two things. What about you? Feel free to weigh in our Classy Facebook page!