What’s The Strangest Thing You Returned

From July 30, 2018

  1. “Someone once returned an empty keg of beer to Walmart. They said it ran out too fast, and they took it back.”
  2. “A lady returned an empty bottle of wine to Costco because ‘it gave her a headache.'”
  3. “One time my grandparents bought a roast. When they cooked it they thought the meat was too tough so they returned a cooked roast to the grocery store!”
  4. “I once overheard a woman trying to return a Blu-ray movie because the disc itself was not blue.”
  5. “My friend had a customer return a container of ground coffee because she didn’t like it. They opened the lid to find all the coffee was gone and replaced with potting soil.”
  6. “I worked at a sandwich shop and I once had a woman come in and try to return a sandwich. She said that she deserved a refund because it was ‘too messy.’ It turned out she had already eaten the entire sandwich and only had a receipt.”
  7. “Someone returned a dead Christmas tree to Costco. In February.”
  8. “A Walmart in my town was known for taking back anything you try to return. My dad once managed to return some cranberry juice there that he bought at Kroger.”
  9. “A lady slammed an opened tube of flavored ‘sensation’ lube on the counter and told me the ‘tingling sensation’ promised on the box turned out to be more of a ‘burning sensation.’ She then described her night in the shower with her partner, telling me that she ended up having to jump out because the tingling was so strong.”
  10. “Someone returned a baby mobile that was a ‘baby shower’ gift. No one opened it during the return process, so later we opened it to find an old Betty Crocker cookbook and chicken wing bones in a Papa John’s box.”