When Was Your First Job?

From May 6, 2019

When did you land your first job? Maybe it was babysitting, mowing lawns, or maybe working at a fast food restaurant?

I started mowing lawns at age 12 to make some extra cash to support my love for video games in the 80’s. Then, I landed a prestigious job at 15 1/2 working at Dairy Queen (insert chuckle here). After that I was a lifeguard for a few summers. That was probably my favorite gig growing up.

Just under 50% of kids now a days begin working between the ages of 11-15 while right around 30% wait until they are 16 or 17.

How about you? And, if you have heard of any place that is hiring here in Eastern Idaho let us know so parents can pass the info along to their children who might be interested in working this summer!