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What Are You Spending On Prom

mike-and-liza  ·  April 23, 2018

Encouraging news for parents of teens and future teens: The prom is getting cheaper! Kinda. Sorta. After many years of trend pieces about the ever-escalating cost of prom and the associated ballooning of “promposals,” the Wall Street Journal offers some hope via Ohio State University economist Jay Zagorsky. Crunching Bureau of Labor Statistics numbers, he found that actually, […] Read More

What Did Your Spouse Make You Quit

mike-and-liza  ·  April 20, 2018

What did your spouse make you quit? Alec Baldwin’s wife has gotten him to do yoga, change his diet and now … quit smoking cigars. What did your spouse insist you quit? Or did you make your spouse quit something? Tell us here and 6:45 Monday morning. Read More

Is There Bad Pizza

mike-and-liza  ·  April 19, 2018

Does “bad pizza” exist? Mike says all pizza is good pizza. Liza insists she’s had bad pizza before. What do you think? Tell us here and 6:45 tomorrow morning. Read More

Mike & Liza’s Family Feud: A Weighty Dilemma

mike-and-liza  ·  April 18, 2018

Dear Mike & Liza, My parents are grossly overweight. I have done everything I can to help them. I’ve gone to my mom’s house on Sunday and helped them plan and prepare meals. My family has offered to walk with them daily. I’ve even offered to pay for a weightloss program for them. They just […] Read More

Have You Ever Skipped Jury Duty

mike-and-liza  ·  April 17, 2018

Oh No! Liza forgot to report for jury duty yesterday. What does this mean? Is she about to be arrested? Have you ever missed jury duty? What happened? Tell us here and 6:45 tomorrow morning. (If Liza’s not in jail) Read More

Do You Have A Theme Room In Your House

mike-and-liza  ·  April 16, 2018

Do you have a theme room in your house? Mike is hard at work on his steampunk guest room. Liza has posters from places she’s traveled all over the family room. Do you have a theme room in your house? Tell us about it, and maybe share a photo here and 6:45 tomorrow morning. Read More

Do You Send “Just In Case” Texts

mike-and-liza  ·  April 13, 2018

Do you send a text about how you feel before you leave for vacation “just in case?” Liza just got a text from a friend who is sitting on the plane waiting to take off. She just wanted to say I love you and you matter to me, just in case something happens. Is this […] Read More

Do You Ever Do Personal Things On Company Time

mike-and-liza  ·  April 12, 2018

Boss makes a dollar, I make a dime, that’s why I blank on company time. We were SHOCKED to hear that some people, some times, do things that aren’t work related, while they’re at work. Liza is probably looking up gross recipes right now. What will you admit to doing on company time? Read More

Mike & Liza’s Family Feud: Dad’s Bad Beard

mike-and-liza  ·  April 11, 2018

Dear Mike & Liza, My husband recently turned 49 and seems to be silently worrying about 50. The other night he came to the dinner table with a freshly dyed beard. Our children immediately started teasing him and said he looks like a scary magician. (lol) I understand that he wants to color his beard […] Read More

Do You Let Your Kids (Under 13) Watch YouTube?

mike-and-liza  ·  April 10, 2018

Do you let your kids under 13 watch YouTube? Child advocacy and consumer groups have asked the Federal Trade Commission to investigate YouTube for allegedly violating children’s privacy by collecting data on them without parental consent and allowing ads to target them on the platform. What do you think? Tell us here and 6:45 tomorrow […] Read More