97 Questions With Josh & Chelsea – Day 4

From November 11, 2021

Good morning Classy 97! It’s Josh & Chelsea with the fourth set of our 97 Questions!

Question 28: Do You Have A Favorite Movie That You Quote Often?

J – Probably Dumb & Dumber. That movie was so stuffed with ridiculous one-liners!

C – My household is FULL of movie fanatics so I can’t tell what is a quote or what is just banter any more. . . very confusing.

Question 29: Are You A Sore Loser?

J – I don’t think anyone likes to lose. My struggle is losing when losing is out of my control. My sister-in-law was on the receiving end of a Phase 10 skip-fest outburst that I will never live down.

C – I AM A TERRIBLE LOSER. BUT. I am great at reading the room and understanding when my tantrums are not being tolerated. haha

Question 30: Where Would You Hide Buried Treasure?

J – Like I’m just going to tell you where to dig? Yeah, right! It would be somewhere deep in the wilderness.

C – Every thing I hide I forget where I hide it. Even when I write it down and give myself a map. I lose the map too. So..I don’t.

Question 31: What’s Your Go-To Meal to Impress Company?

J – I default to chicken street tacos. They’re super easy to make and guests can customize their tacos to their individual liking.

C – Korean Tacos! Really, tacos of any flavor is always a win.

Question 32: Does Your Family Play/Host Board Game Nights?

J – We have several dozen board games and really enjoy hosting and participating in family game nights. I am a huge fan of the strategy-type games like Settlers of Catan, Scotland Yard, and Ticket to Ride.

C – My family is very competitive but we play card games with friends on a regular basis.

Question 33: LISTENER QUESTION FROM CLINT GOODWORTH – What’s Your Favorite Christmas Song?

J – I remember listening to Manheim Steamroller in my house growing up, so that always rings a sentimental string. The Eagles’ “Please Come Home For Christmas” is such a great song and one that I will stop and listen to every time!

C – My Favorite Christmas song is “What’s This?” from Nightmare Before Christmas OR Josh Grobans’ “Believe”

Question 34: What’s Your Zodiac Sign?

J – I am a Pisces through and through. Born on Feb. 22nd.

C – Solid Pisces. March 4th !

Question 35: Do You Speak Any Other Languages?

J – I took 3 years of Spanish in High School and retained a little bit. I am also somewhat fluent in HTML.

C – I do my best to speak coherent English but I am attempting to learn ASL (American Sign Language) because I love it!

Question 36: LISTENER QUESTION FROM JAMIE HOLM – What Do You Love Most About Living in East Idaho?

J – It has to be the easy access to the most beautiful outdoor scenery and adventure in the country all within less than an hour’s drive.

C – I have enjoyed watching the town grow. When I first moved here with my family we were the only house in the neighborhood. Now that area is built all the way back into the hills!

We’ll answer more questions tomorrow morning! If you’ve got a burning question that you’d like us to answer, give us a call in the studio tomorrow morning 208-525-9797, and if we answer your question on the air, we’ll set you up with a brand new Classy 97 t-shirt!

Talk to you tomorrow morning!
~Josh & Chelsea