97 Questions With Josh & Chelsea – Day 7

From November 16, 2021

Hey, it’s Josh & Chelsea! Now into our second week of answering 97 Questions!

Question 56: LISTENER QUESTION FROM TERRY – Did You Ever Get In Trouble for Something Your Sibling Did?

J – All the time! I’m the oldest and my little sister was constantly throwing me under the bus for stuff… as little sisters do. I was ‘grounded for life’ on multiple occasions. I’m probably still grounded, to be honest.

C – I am the oldest so of course! Eventually my brother grew up and started making his own trouble so it became less mysterious as to who should be in trouble.

Question 57: Toilet Paper – Over or Under?

J – Always over! Unless you have a maniacal cat in your house – only then is under appropriate.

C – Over. No exceptions.

Question 58: What Was a Marker of an Affluent Home When You Were A Kid?

J – Glade plug-in air fresheners and a trampoline in the backyard!

C – Coasters. If your furniture is nice enough to protect from drink rings then it MUST be expensive. That and really nice play sets in the backyard.

Question 59: What’s a Movie That Scared You as a Kid?

J – My wife was super spooked out by Nicodemus in the Secret Life of NIMH. I didn’t really watch a ton of movies growing up, which sounds super strange.

C – I was kind of creeped by The Never Ending Story…

Question 60: If Animals Could Talk, Which Would Be the Rudest?

J – Hands down, cats would be the worst.

C – I have to agree. Cat’s have a certain attitude.

Question 61: Would You Rather Be Covered In Fur or Scales?

J – Definitely fur for me. I’d much rather be all soft and snuggly!

C – Scales all the way. I don’t want to shed hair, I want to be smooth and armored and shed ONCE in a great while.

Question 62: What Is Your Favorite Olympic Sport?

J – Summer games are all about swimming for me and I love that they’ve added in skateboarding events as well. Winter games, I really like the snowboarding events, speed skating, ski jump, and all the bobsled events!

C – My grandmother and I would always watch ice skating and gymnastics. I LOVE to watch softball though!

Question 63: If You Could Live In Any Time Period, When Would It Be?

J – The roaring ’20s all the way up the ’40s in a big city.

C – 50s/60s seem pretty great to me (at least some parts of it)

Question 64: Are You A Video Gamer?

J – A lot less now than I was several years ago. I used to do gaming parties with my friends and I’d stand in line for midnight game releases and I’d compete in small local tournaments.

C – No, not really. We played Nintendo 64 when we were younger but now the high definition graphics make me dizzy and motion sick.

Question 65: What’s A Fashion Trend You’d Like to Bring Back?

J – I miss the days when all men wore hats. I thought that was super stylish and classy!

C – OVERALLS. GIVE ME BACK MY OVERALLS. . I need more pockets.

We’ll answer more questions tomorrow morning! If you’ve got a burning question that you’d like us to answer, give us a call in the studio tomorrow morning 208-525-9797, and if we answer your question on the air, we’ll set you up with a brand new Classy 97 t-shirt!

~Josh & Chelsea