97 Questions With Josh & Chelsea – Day 9

From November 18, 2021

Hey, it’s Josh & Chelsea! Now into our second week of answering 97 Questions!

Question 76: Do you play any instruments? (or wish you could)

J – I dabble with guitar, drums, harmonica, jaw harp, and ukulele!

C – I don’t play, no. I’ve always wanted to learn. I’m not good with string instruments but I sure do try to play the really nice Ukulele

Question 77: What is your favorite smell? Why do you love that smell?

J – My mom loves cinnamon, so that smell reminds me a lot of growing up at home.

C – I love the way books smell. Cookies too 🙂

Question 78: If you could learn any new skill, which one would you learn?

J – I would love to learn calligraphy… and become a regular runner.

C – I would like to learn how to do chainmail and leatherwork – I think it’s artistic and VERY detail oriented.

Question 79: Would you rather live PERMANENTLY in an amusement park or a zoo?

J – Amusement park for me. There’s plenty to do and there’s food around. I could people watch and it closes at night, so it’d be relatively quiet vs a zoo where the animals could keep the noise going all night long!

C – Zoo. Leave me with my kind.

Question 80: If you could have an endless supply of food, which foods would you choose?

J – Never ending bag of regular flavor Doritos in my pantry would be incredible!

C – First response is always cocktail shrimp but a magic refilling box of poptarts would be ideal.

Question 81: Do you like any unusual candies?

J – I like Good N Plenty – and anything black licorice flavored for that matter – and Werther’s Originals.

C – Big fan of candy corn and Necco Wafers.

Question 82: LISTENER QUESTION FROM LAYNE IN BLACKFOOT – Do you make and keep New Year Resolutions?

J – I have had the same resolution for several years because I continue to fail at keeping it. One of these years I will run that 5K!

C – Nah, not any more. Been resolution free since ’93 (ok not really but I still don’t participate in resolutions)

Question 83: Breakfast for dinner?

J – Absolutely not! I have many food rules and this is number one!

C – Sure, doesn’t really phase me. Food is food. Don’t tell josh but SOMETIMES…I have dinner for breakfast!

Question 84: Favorite sleeping position?

J – I’m a left side sleeper on the right side of the bed, so I face the edge of the bed when I fall asleep.

C – On my stomach, no pillow, hands tucked under me. think of it like someone flipped over a mummy.

Question 85: What’s do you have in your closet that you never wear?

J – So many old hats and for a moment, I thought I was going to the fedora wearing type of guy, so I have three of them that just sit there.

C – Dresses. I keep buying them thinking ‘oh sure, that’ll look good for such and such occasion’ or ‘that might be comfy on a fall day!’ Nope. Don’t wear ’em.

Question 86: Have you ever been tricked into doing or believing something? 

J – Snipe hunting and ‘hide-behinds’. My dad and uncle had a heyday with these types of thing when I was a kid.

C – That Clint Eastwood had an American accent because my uncle convinced me he was British. /facepalm.

We’ve got one more day of questions for you tomorrow morning! If you’ve got a burning question that you’d like us to answer, give us a call in the studio tomorrow morning 208-525-9797, and if we answer your question on the air, we’ll set you up with a brand new Classy 97 t-shirt!

~Josh & Chelsea