Jingle Bingo Questions And Answers

Q: How do I play? 

A: Get your Jingle Bingo card at The card is good for the current week. The start time for each day is printed on the card. Once we say “Jingle Bingo starts now,” begin crossing off song titles when we play them. Cross off five songs in a row vertically, horizontally or diagonally and be the first caller to win.


Q: What is your phone number? 

A: 208-525-9797.


Q: What do I win? 

A: Each day we’re giving away a $100 Visa gift card from Idaho Central Credit Union.


Q: How often can I win? 

A: To give everyone a fair shot, we ask you to wait 30 days after winning a contest to play again.


Q: Does everyone have the same card? 

A: Yes. Unlike regular bingo, everyone is playing with the same card. You’re playing with all of East Idaho to be the first caller when the final Jingle Bingo song plays.


Q: When does each day’s game start? 

A: Each day’s game time is on the card. We’ll also say on the air, something like “Jingle Bingo starts now!”


Q: When does each day’s game end? 

A: When we play five song titles in a row vertically, horizontally or diagonally on the Jingle Bingo card.


Q: When exactly do you take the winning caller? 

A: We open the phone lines and take the first caller at a random point after the winning song begins.


Q: Why can’t I get through? Why are your lines sometimes busy?

A: Lots of people play this game with us. Every day someone wins. If you haven’t had any luck yet, keep trying!


Q: I’m listening on your website. Can I still play? 

A: We don’t recommend playing our contests while listening online or with the app. It can be several seconds later than the radio due to buffering, internet traffic, and other technical stuff.


Q: What if I can’t print my card? 

A: Unfortunately, we’re not a lot of help on this one.  We’d need to know your computer type, operating system, printer, and browser. And then we’d probably just ask if you’ve tried turning it off and on again.