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Could You Vacation With Your Ex?

  ·  January 25, 2019

What’s the most you can do with your ex? Some divorced couples are actually going on big group family vacations together. Do you think you can be too close to your ex?

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Classy 97 Family Feud: Mr. & Mrs. May Have Problems At Work

  ·  January 23, 2019

Dear Classy 97, My wife found out about a job opening up in the office where I work. She is certainly qualified for it and I’m sure they would hire her. She hasn’t been working for several years and is excited about the idea of being back in the grown up world. I think it’s […]

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How Many Oscar Nominated Films Have You Seen This Year

  ·  January 22, 2019

Best Picture Black Panther BlacKkKlansman Bohemian Rhapsody The Favourite Green Book Roma A Star Is Born Vice Liza can’t believe she’s only seen ONE! Here’s hoping Black Panther wins. LOL

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Do You Embrace or Color The Gray

  ·  January 18, 2019

Do you love the “gray is great” hair trend? Pinterest searches for going grey were up 879% last year. Are you embracing it or still covering those grays?

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Would You Rather Fly Or Drive

  ·  January 17, 2019

When you take a vacation would you rather fly or drive? Some people like the long, relaxed drive. They stop and see the sights, have fun conversations, maybe even find an unscheduled adventure. Some people like to get on the plane, get to their destination and start the vacation fun ASAP. Tell us what you […]

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Classy 97 Family Feud

  ·  January 16, 2019

My wife is an excellent driver — in the summer. When winter hits she seems to forget everything she knows. I’m not just talking about the ice and snow. She regularly drifts across the center line, she doesn’t remember where the turn lanes are and I never think she’s giving herself enough time to get […]

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Used Or New

  ·  January 14, 2019

What’s ok to buy used? What’s NEVER ok to buy used? When Liza had her first baby she wanted all new things … car seat … crib … stroller. By the time the second baby came along, she understood the value of “gently used.” What about you? Where do you draw the line on buying […]

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What’s Your Origin Story

  ·  January 8, 2019

How did you become what you are? We thought this story was cute, and it got us to thinking … do other people have “origin stories” like this one?

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Do You Listen To Any Podcasts

  ·  January 4, 2019

Do you listen to any podcasts? We all know Liza is a podcast junkie. She listens to everything from True Crime to Economics podcasts. What about you? Is this something you’ve gotten into?

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Mike & Liza’s Family Feud: Are Those Sprinkles

  ·  December 19, 2018

Dear Mike & Liza, My sister in law bakes a lot. Cupcakes for co-workers. Bread for her neighbors. Cookies for the delivery guys. She’s always baking and gifting her “treats.” What the recipients don’t know is, her kitchen is filthy. It’s not a scary episode of hoarders, but I definitely wouldn’t eat anything she made […]

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