Wake Up Classy 97
With Josh & Chantel

Monday – Friday 6a-10a


Chantel Tielor

Born in good ol’ Burley, Idaho, I spent a decade in Pocatello where I went to school. I met Josh in 2003 and quickly learned I never wanted to let him go. We’ve lived together with our children, Beck and Emery, in Idaho Falls for 10 years. I love camping, musical theater, traveling, quilting and dancing in the kitchen! I won’t turn my nose up at the offer of a good book in a comfy nook. I enjoy spending time with my family and annoying my children, along with Josh who doubles as my partner in crime. I’ve never been on the radio before, but I am enjoying spending my mornings with Josh and with the listeners of Classy 97!


Josh Tielor

Born & raised in Idaho Falls, I grew up spending a lot of time in the Idaho wilderness. I love fly fishing & fly tying. I’m a Scoutmaster for a local troop and therefore get my fair share of camping, hiking, backpacking, and outdoor adventure! I am a husband and a father. My wife Chantel and I have been best friends since we met 2003 and our two children, Beck and Emery, are extremely skilled at keeping us on our toes, and we have a blue heeler-pointer mix named Stella. I fell in love with radio at about 12 years old and decided at that point that I was going to be the voice on the radio. I would practice recording myself on cassette tapes pretending to be a radio DJ and whenever the opportunities to intern or meet radio personalities came up, I was all over it. After graduating high school, I moved to Phoenix, AZ for a couple of years and graduated from the Academy of Radio & TV Broadcasting. I have been on the radio in East Idaho since September 2001 and there’s no end in sight. Thanks for listening and making Wake Up Classy 97 a part of your daily routine!